If you like what we do and you wish to be a part of new skin care concept based on natural healing principles and promote healthy organic skin care products, you can become our distribution partner and retailer.

We offer our artisan plasma soaps, made with original mineral crystal plasma supplements and plant plasma extracts in wholesale for retailers all around the world. All our products are 100% artisan made in France and only highly valuable ingredients is used in our products.

Colloidal gold and silver is our main ingredients for luxury soap collection.These two high frequencies ingredients are incorporated in oils before they are used in soap.

Earth mineral crystal particles in its plasma state are most natural healing force for human body and applied on skin provide gentle way to supply body trough skin with essential micro nutrition and contain different Earthy minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Iron and Magnesium and other essential micro elements.

Plant Plasma extract is alcohol free supplements we make, they are safe to used internally or directly on skin, or could be used in own organic products. 

Additional we offer Life Force Programming for all our products.

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