Processing and shipping time.

Most products available in this shop are ready to be shipped in 1-2 days. Some products can take 3-5 days (some times it could take little more time) to prepared them before they will be ready for shipping and products are shipped from France with tracking. Shipping time depends on destination country. And size of package, small packages could be sent by priority shipping and can take more time to receive. Delivery in France usually takes 3-5 days, in Europe 8-12 days, North America 8-14 days, for rest of the world depends from destination country postal service and customs procedure delivery can take 2 - 4 weeks and even longer. Please be patient, products will be sent out as fast as possible according to their production and safety protocols. Orders made on request will be realized in 4-6 weeks include also production time, which depends from production method and product safety protocols.

Disclaimer and safety conditions for orders in this shop.

All products are made with best artisanal science practice methods insure product safety and high hygiene standards, including using only purest organic and non-organic materials for extracts and plasma waters. Producing processes well documented to follow the product quality and safety.

Keep any of these products away from children under age of 12, if not described as safe for children! Keep products in cool and dark place, if it is indicated in product description. By placing an order in this shop customer confirms he had read, understood and agreed to shop policies and take full responsibility how to use or store these products. Be wise and responsible and take care for them with love, heart and respect.

Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research to develop new skin care products and natural supplement extraction methods and use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world. Our goal is to develop sustainable technologies as green as possible, to use only beneficial ingredients, make products without using extra energy, find best solutions that are efficient for the future of humanity and are sustainable for our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.

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