Power of Plasma


We are happy to introduce our new site where we will share our knowledge and experience in new science about plasma and nano technologies. Interesting that we are experiencing a wonderful time in human history as well an evolution where everybody is heading somewhere but nobody knows where exactly, it gives many opportunities to be part of this change with a different approach to social and environmental issues. So everybody can be part of it and learn new scientific solutions at home in artisanal level with different tools available to the public. I personally have the questioning existence of everything since childhood. At my school time, I was bored in class and tried to spend a lot of time with nature and learn from it. Later as teenager I was confused and broken as many teenagers do but I kept asking the questions and started to study deeply by myself true laws of nature and human psychology, it wasn't enough with simple answers like "The Universe in a Nutshell'' or Big Bang Theory what all ends with simple neurons in biological brain. The book 'In search of the Great Truths' and ''Illustrated Science'' magazines that was only available literature about modern science for the public.

It gave me an overview and better understanding of the modern science from different perspectives and in very different levels and pushed me to dig deeper.

My wife and partner Lita has the master degree in biology and chemistry and she helped me a lot to understand basics in biology and chemistry. As a junior scientist, she worked for some time in science and then left this domain and turned to administrative work and business. She understood she would not work for those who are behind the secret agenda in science. In the beginning of the Keshe Foundation teachings, she had more questions than answers. It took a time to learn from various sources in the modern world of the science before we started to see the connection between standard science and plasma technologies. She was interested in sacred geometry for quite long time and kept looking for this wise principle in biology and chemistry. Since childhood, she was attracted to the power of plants as best healers for a human body and spent her childhood summers with nature and studied wild plants and their use in folk medicine. It was so confusing to her to realize how much is hidden from this knowledge in our schools and universities.

As we can see from our human history, today humanity rises again with new revolutionary scientific knowledge expansion, when new approach hits its ceiling to get the human’s freedom. Like in a period of renaissance between 15th -17th centuries when many wise men lived and brought us a lot of change in art, culture, science, and medicine. The industrial revolution then started at the end of 18th century and a new age of science was born, it was turning point and attraction of city life influenced so many people in the western world.

Factories were built and people flood to cities to use a new style of living with electricity and tap water. Innovations extended in many domains in the end of 19th century. Each time the human awakening has been tried to suppress.

It all led us to wars and many other issues and today we are facing again the same experience in greater scale and it depends from of each of us where we will go with new science. It is a new comprehension about the energy of nature and about the total awareness of human soul itself where today’s standard physics have failed explain and now leading us in new transhumance direction with the IT quantum physics and nano tech. This new road had blurry boundaries and we have to be aware of the real power of the Universe and those who want to lead us.

It will take the time to accept true concepts of the Universe and the constant plasma flow around the Universe in bigger and smaller polarity in different vibrational waves by building totally everything.

We are here to share and learn together.

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist