Why is so important to support artisans and small scientific researchers?

Why is so important to support artisans and small scientific researchers?

Dear followers!

I'll try to be short and informative. I know people are rushing and are not reading long texts anymore, most of you are rushing trough the live and touching just a surface of world around you, unfortunately.

In this rush, each of you is seeking for stability in your material and mental life. Internet gives you great conditions to create your own microcosm, but once you are out there in daily reality and look around you see that big industries taking over our daily lives faster then we can understand and accept it. These industries have enormous resources and power to make it done in unbelievable scale, but in end of the day it doesn’t seems that our lives getting better in any way, but just in opposite and many people feel lost and unstable.

But why it's happening?

The answer is very simple: ‘‘because we are giving them this power and even not looking how we can change it''. Today people are spending more and more time on the Internet. We learn and consume almost all from the Internet and big industries are abusing their power with financial influence and pushing out people’s activities from the platforms and make your appearance out of existence. Especially, if you have your own activity, hobby, business you can see it by your own statistics and hear it from other people’s experience.

Those who are trying to build and develop their small businesses are very difficult time and even more difficult and complicate it is to finance the independent scientific research. As we know big scientific labs have millions, if not billions for their research. They can spend years of research to looking for the solutions, even such solutions could never come and are not always as we, as society, would expect. The scientists and their research, which mostly has available grants for they work are used to enforce big industries to have more and more power over people. It includes also today’s new ‘green’ doctrine. Most people truly believe that scientists are coming out and will come out with magical solutions to save the Earth and people’s lives. Which is not really truth! They are just consolidating even more power in the hands of few. If you do research you will find out this sad truth yourself.

These are good reasons to open your eyes and hearts to support each other. Come out of false reality you are trapped in and go in nature, listen and watch, learn from it, as from best example, how wise and sustainable it could be. Because we have real power to change it all and make our freedom of choice and destiny where the world is going, epically it is important for next decade.

I also have experience in my own scientific artisan research to develop good effective solutions according laws of nature with deep respect to it with simple and repeatable methodology. All research, which I did and still doing now, is based on learning by doing with my own resources and individual people support by buying my product samples and other materials. There are just a few supporters who are doing it and I am very grateful to those people, otherwise we wouldn’t get so far as we are today. In this regard I have to consolidate my time and resources and reduce free and detailed knowledge sharing’s and revise my research concept just to survive and keep doing what I am doing to be able to get things done step by step and standardize and certify products which I and my team are developed. We have been doing a lot of research as independent researchers before we come out to public with unconditional sharing to teach and bring awareness in last years about simple scientific methods available and repeatable to almost everyone and will continue as far as we can do it.

Personally, I have studied many scientific subjects, because I love to see a complete picture in every aspect in my life, which is very unusual situation, because most of scientists are focusing on very narrow, single subject or maybe little more. That’s failure of the educational system, which is suffering from division the knowledge in separate subjects for long time. Like biology and physics should be studied all together, but physicists are weak in biology, but biologist are weak in physics, for example. To talk about electricity in biological systems is not a common subject for most of these scientists. As I have been interested and studied many subjects with my personal hunger for knowledge and deep interest about world around me, I have strong self-motivations to learn and discover, rediscover, and it gave me possibility to see whole picture and see opportunities to develop the applications out of regular mainstream industrial market. With my experience and knowledge I have I could give a hundred jobs, if not thousand, to young scientists to do their research and develop new, effective and sustainable services and products.

I do not expect any help from big industries, but rather from the people who care about their own and their children lives. Big industries don’t give money to find solutions; they create new issues to offer new solution to ‘solve it’ and keep going around. That’s the way they have been in power for centuries. These observations have kept me out of big industries even they have tried to absorb me regularly. This is not where I’m interested to spend my talents and knowledge even not for big money. It’s not most important to get from point A to Z in most insured and convinced way, but it is important to stay independent and free to work, it is important how you choose to go your path even is not always the easiest way.

So it’s up to you to choose which side of Earth duality you feed and which outcome you expect from future. Many information in knowledge sharing’s and our basic methods for simple solutions will remain on website and social platforms so you can grab them for free till I’ll take them off from public access. Up today our website is been visited hundred thousand times and methods been used in various places around the world with very little return and feedback, I see people openly using our methods without even noticing us, it is great and sad at the same time. Recently I had contacted by small company who asked me to teach them how to make famous graphene oxide (GO) because I haven’t been so naïve to publish full technical instruction how to do it for free on website. The method which I found is very cost effective and very green with great results and all been done at my home lab without spending billions on equipment. This was the last point, which pushed me to revise our generous sharing concept. My answer was: ‘the companies spending millions of dollars to do these research and you ask me to do it for free?’’ Sorry, but even chatting with people takes so much time, which I can spend for my research and professional development, I had already spend a lot of time on making and editing posts not only informative, but also visually pleasant, which is also rare in scientific community.

I believe is not about New Ager’s ego dissolving concept in this case but just common sense and not to let walk on you like on the carpet, I have big open heart and true wish to help people, but it does not mean I am stupid, I help as much as I can with my advice and knowledge not only on science subject, but also human psychology. This is common issue for many researchers who share their work openly for public and many have noticed the similar situations. Money itself is not a bad thing, as many people like to declare, but it is important where your money goes, which business you support with it. If people support each other, nobody can abuse the power over you, it is your choice and your free will that swings the energy which money brings.

Indeed people who want to support us still can do it and any support is very appreciated. As you can see we even don’t have donation button in our website, but we offer our sample products instead with materials costs included to make them and run our experiments. That’s helping us a lot to buy materials necessary to keep on product development and make the new product better each time you buy it. Soon we will proceed to standardization and certification process, which is not a cheap and involves lot of paper work too. We would appreciate, if you support us and keep doing it in future as time goes so we can develop our concept and ideas to make the world really a better place for all of us.

Thank you for reading,

Arvis Liepa

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Thank you very much for your confidence and support.

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