Secrets to Longevity

Secrets to Longevity

 Here is an interesting subject, which I want to bring in your awareness. It seems self-evident but not always if you look around you and pay attention what people are speaking about their age in present and future. I want to highlight some important points about longevity and healthy live. I do not talk here about immortality but how to live our lives as long as possible as healthy beings that is most important part in your life journey. I guess everyone wants to be healthy till his or her last breath. Nether I don’t think that there is so many people amongst us who would love to live forever here on the Earth. But I’m pretty sure most of us would live their healthy lives, and will remain happy, we will feel still needed to this society, and will see our grandchildren growing up

So what is needed for us to fulfill this plan and embrace our elder hood? Many people will answer straightway that we need a good healthy eating habits, physical exercises, mental activities, including learning, reading and so on. Of course, we need all of these activities to keep you in good fit, but most important is your mind programming and positive attitude to live. You want to believe or not but most of the people when they talk, there are not aware that they do programming about their age. When they talk about their age in upcoming decades they also do programming for their future, as well they do it for present moment instantly. It is very important to keep that in mind when you talk about your health and age you need always to pay attention to your thoughts and words to which direction you put your energy. Most of the people, especially today, are subjugated to stress and fear about their existence and some even have intention to commit suicide, some sadly even do it. That’s very unfortunate because they do not understood that there is no escape from yourself even after death and you have to fix things right now here and constantly. Many people trying to escape their selves and do it unconsciously because they are lost and not aware of it. Many turn to alcohol, smoking, drugs or unnecessary medication and lot of other kind of addictions. These all are self-destructive actions that lead to self harm and slow suicide. So you need to get back on right path to make your lives happy, wealthy and healthy. Those aims can be achieved if you start to realize what is going in you with you and around you, first step is to be aware of the issue and with good practice of meditation and self-discipline your life change is guaranteed.

Another thing you have to understand is that your governments are not interested that people live long and healthy lives. They are not interested to keep paying your pension and healthy people do not make market for big pharms. That’s why you’re subjected to mind programming by your own government. They make you think that your life ends as your job activity ends after sixty. And no surprise many of people passing away soon after pension, because you are programmed to think it is the end of life, now just wait your hour. I will tell you secret, your genetics are programmed to live around 150 and even 180 years. This is not a myth; there are evidences of it from the past that people lived longer lives. In ancient scriptures is written that people have lived even longer than that. Of course, there are events in nature and accidents what makes our lives shorter but even this can be maneuvered if you live in harmony with laws of nature. Modern science programming us with Darwinism theory and false stories of human history by telling us that in the past people lived shorter lives and died young. That is a just a part of actual overpopulation doctrine, that try make you feel guilty that you are living here on Earth, using Earth resources and polluting everything around you. There is nothing more to comment or add to that, I just would like to quote George Orwell here: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Personally I loved to say always: You Are What You Think!


Photo of Native Americans
From 1785 to 1922, White Wolf, also known as Chief John Smith is considered the oldest Native American to have lived 137 years.


Quote from antique traveler book, 1746

A free black women named Esmina Diamon is died July 26, the age of 130.


On left side stamp 148 year old farmer, died 1956 and right side stamp "Don't worry Drink a lot of coffee and Smoke a good cigar" Javier pereira 1789-1956, died 167 years old. 


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I suppose your first reaction would be - that’s crazy! No, it is not! Just think even in modern days there are people who live up to hundred years and even more and they do not always practicing wellbeing and healthy live style. They just say: be positive, keep relax and make your lives useful.

Minerals and Water Frequencies in Crystalline Structure of Universe
 General information from past to nowadays science about minerals, natural substances and indeed frequencies and plasma that is very important to understand if you seek for the knowledge about Mineral Crystal Particles, Water and Plant extracts as complimentary.

So here is a key, you need to find some activity in your live, that you love, that makes you happy and useful regardless of ages you are. Think and talk positive about your age and make plans for your future, at least think in direction you want to go. You even don’t know what you will be in even next few days and how life can changes if you open the new possibilities. How you can know what you will be in future? Future is open to all and any possibilities. Get ride of programmed stereotypes. You are creating them by accepting outside programming for you, restart yourself and be what ever you wish to be!

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Make out the best of your live. Meditate to achieve relax state and dive in new unexplored activities, be active, start each day with new habits, do not quit, write down your plans. Additionally indeed practice balanced healthy diet and drink mineral waters rich with essential minerals. Minerals are very important and absolutely necessary with age, they are spark plugs for your body. Minerals increase your connectivity and your body is more plasmatic and functions better.

I wish you all to stay healthy and have the wealthy lives!

Thank you for reading!

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