My View About Homeopathy & Ether & Plasma

My View About Homeopathy & Ether & Plasma

 Since beginning of human history methods or art of healing been very changing but at the base they remains the same. We can approach different ways how to heal a being. But are we aware what is the real thing behind a curved light that heals? Trough out times mostly we have been closer to nature and have taught from it how to heal in different ways. The most of it starts from simple folk medicine to advanced homeopathy and from which most modern pharmacy piles comes by collecting our past experience and editing different sorts of solution with increasing demand rather than stop the cause.

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Personally I believe that a being or specially a human can heal themself in reflex on what body and mental state demands or even could be in advance before you need something to heal. To be like a good gardener in your well cared garden. For me, as many other humans, the health issues sometimes comes a little bit unexpected but you have the tools to react on it fast and do something, except if you have intention to heal yourself as soon as possible you can. After simple folk medicine comes homeopathy and would be the best choice for people who seek alternative way to solve a particular health issues. I think there is no need to talk that for conventional medicine, as most of us know, these effects and causes are unclear, unless there are situation where traditional medicine is very needed. But I am talking about situation when you still can do something for yourself and take brave step to find an alternative way.

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So I dive in to this field to understand what’s really going on in this field and was questioning what causes to be so effective and sometimes not? We could though that drinking simply teas, supplements, extracts and eating your healthy diet would be enough to solve the case and be understood as consumption of some mass of matter. But when it comes to just a drop of medicine which is diluted of thousand times can it still heal a being?

That’s very concerning question and so many scientists and researchers, including myself, want to understand how it is possible!? Because sometimes using research tools and different spectrometers we can’t find in solutions and liquids some serious stuff to admit that’s enough to heal somebody. Except what we can find those are nano crystalline structures and measurable frequencies. But how it works, how to transfer this information is not well understood yet. If we could understand that already, we could understand where the visible light ends and deep mysterious starts. Modern science calls it quantum fields and most ancient theories are like subtle energy, qi, prana etc. and the most known is ether/ æther. This is the first that manifests as plasma. Plasma can be different as it is itself a manifestation from the ether as light or electromagnetic waves vibration. There is always a starting point or turning point what could influence trajectory of wave or the information containing frequencies. So fare we have got but do we relay on this knowledge to explain why homeopathy might work? Because of this gap and lack of profound explanation, the conventional science don’t want to admit and do ridiculing alternative healing methods and rather lobbying conventional big pharmaceuticals companies. By ridiculing alternative medicine they just seeding some fear in conscious to people and the fear is a like a virus to a good healing intention implementation.

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Meanwhile we see good successful results in alternative medicine. After all we can respect all laws of nature and sciences but energy what come from the creator of solution and receiver of this energy need to be prepared in conscious level as first step and then the frequencies of the solution will make it happen. So do we need something at all to use as tool to get this confirmation or work remotely with frequencies and information?

Minerals and Water Frequencies in Crystalline Structure of Universe

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So fare so good to be truth, but in some way need to know technics or methods when result is successful and when it is not. Or you know how it works for you and you can help for others, or you need ask for advice for somebody who can help you. All experiences showing that if a being is not open to be healed then it wont work. Because after all everything matters, not only the solution or the tool itself, but also the creator and receiver need to resonate to create third party as manifestation from the ether as plasma to make your intention to be healed. This conviction can be applied also to any medicine. Even it’s placebo effect, does it matter if you are healed?

We could add more this article. Different opinions and experiences but end of the day all matters what you do, what you create, send and receive by using intermediation or not. So stay healthy take care of yourself in advance I think is the best option and I wish to all of you readers.

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Thank you for reading.

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