Colliodal Gold VITALITY Hydrogel Patch

Colliodal Gold VITALITY Hydrogel Patch

Gold VITALITY Hydrogel Patch - alternative living. Gold is sun metal, warm light, male energy, and in latin aurum (Au) means shining dawn.

Gold represent perfection, purity, royalty and divine principle, supposed to aid in healing, protection, growth and knowledge. Gold nano particles in body raise the frequency of cells and triggers the self-healing. Red Colloidal Gold particles has round shape and Flower of Life 3d structure. It can explain why gold is symbol of diamonds and the heart.

Gold VITALITY Hydrogel Patch contain gold nano particles in water and sea weed extract. Patch in contact with skin allow gold nano particles slowly penetrate trough skin in its deeper layers according to magnetic gravitational forces between nano gold or colloidal gold. Gold has so high vibrational frequency that it cancels low frequencies in surrounding cells. Gold nano particles usually concentrates in low frequency part in the body. Nano gold is known as anti-aging agent and are most attractive ingredient in many anti-aging application.

Ancestors used gold for wisdom, common sense, longevity, comfort and money attraction. Gold also is used as agent against depression, to strengthening the heart vibration field, hallowing, wealth, protection, healing.

Gold coated glass (all red and violet tones) is used in churches window glass. Glass coated with nano gold can purify air in church when sunlight photons hits the glass and goes trough it. Read more about colloidal gold or nano gold here


How to use Gold VITALITY Hydrogel Patch?


Directly on skin, but each patch has to be personal, because each person had specific skin condition. It is more hygienic question and should be respected. It covers skin very easy and could be kept in place but it does not contain any adhesive material, so if you would like to move around with patch, put some bandage on it. Hydrogel patch works locally and helps to hydrate dried or burned skin. Patch could be used also on old wounds, boost self -healing of the skin. Direct sunlight or infrared light or higher room temperature can accelerate penetration in skin.




Safe for use in all ages, very gentle touch. Contain only natural ingredients and safe amount of nano gold. No harmful even if swallowed, no specific taste or smell. We do not recommend to use it if patches change the color or hardness.


How long I can us it?


You can use as long as you want and feel comfortable with it. Keep it clean in sealed bag away from direct light. After use can be rinsed with cold water and placed on plastic sheet to handle it for next use, always close the sealed package, to keep a hydrogel active and flexible and don't let it dry, it can decrease the patch activity level.


How to store it?


Hydrogel patch is stabile and safe to use in temperature below the 35 C. Recommended to keep in refrigerator at +4 C, no longer than 6 months.

Read more about red colloidal gold here

Size: Hydrogel patch is cut by hand from one piece, so total size does not change order to order, each patch size could be slightly different, but around 7 x 8 cm square shape. Other shapes will be available soon.

If you have very sensitive skin, you can start to use it no longer than 2 minutes for first time

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