Shilajit Liquid Plasma Extract - The Most Nutrient Dense Substances on The Earth

Shilajit Liquid Plasma Extract - The Most Nutrient Dense Substances on The Earth

This substance is one of my favorites one. If you are looking for something universal to boost your body and spirit it should be also one of your day-to-day support. Due it long exposure from cosmic bodies, especially from the sun. Formation in mountain and earth plasmatic and magnetic fields it have extraordinary properties of spirit between matter and plasmatic state with all essential elements.

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Shilajit is a thick, sticky tar-like substance with a color ranging from white to very dark brown, obtained from steep rocks of different formations in Himalaya, Karakuram, Tibet mountains, Caucasus, Altai Mountains, and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Shilajit has been described as 'mineral oil', 'stone oil', 'Mountain Blood' or 'rock sweat', as it seeps from cracks in mountains due mostly to the warmth of the sun. Once cleaned of impurities and extracted, shilajit is a homogeneous brown-black paste-like substance, with a glossy surface, a peculiar smell and bitter taste. It has a plastic-like behavior.

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The first documented reference to Shilajit in the form of "Shilajatu" dates back to the sixth century BCE. Sushruta Samhita, an ancient Sanskrit medicine treatise states: "A gelatinous substance that is secreted from the side of the mountains when they have become heated by the rays of the sun in the months of Jyaishta and Ashadha. During medieval era, Shilajit had been considered one of the rasa (nutritive fluid) to endow a person with magical power when taken with particular metals, bhasmas, herbs, ghee or honey. A famous alchemical Siddhanjana also known as the "ointment of Mags" included camphor, shilajatu, some psychoactive herbs, as well as metal oxides and minerals.

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The most widely used name in the former Soviet Union is mumiyo (Russian: мумиё, variably transliterated as mumijo, mumio, momia, and moomiyo), which is ultimately from Latin (mumia) body-preserving, a borrowing of the medieval Arabic mūmiya (مومياء) and from a Persian mūm (موم) or mūmiya (مومیا).

The English word shilajit is a phonetic adaptation of "śilājīt" (Hindi: शिलाजीत), which in turn goes back to Sanskrit (Sanskrit: शिलाजतु, śilājatu). The literal meaning of the Sanskrit compound is "mountain tar", the first element शिला (śilā) meaning "pertaining to, or having the properties of a rock, mountain", the second - जातु (jatu) denoting "gum, lac; any tarry substance" 

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According to ancient Indian sources Shilajatu was born from a friction of the celestial spheres during Samudra Manthana episode. The Devas and the Asuras agreed to churn the primal Ocean in order to obtain the beneficial Amrita substance.
Several researchers have noted that Shilajit is unlike mineral tar seeps and is most likely of vegetable origin. The cactus like plant Euphorbia royleana has been observed growing near collection sites and is suggested as a likely origin as its gum has a similar composition. One more recent hypothesis states that the species of Asterella, Dumortiera, Marchantia, Pellia, Plagiochasma and Stephenrencella-Anthoceros have been growing in shilajit neighborhood and it is these plants, mosses and liverworts that during centuries have been fueling the Shilajit deposits generation. There are many local legends and stories about its origin, use and properties.

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Upon seeing packs of native chimps snacking on the Shilajit tar and further observing that those who did seemed to be the strongest, most intelligent and long-lived of the bunch, the indigenous people began ingesting the night-black mineral pitch themselves. When they too began experiencing the benefits: a rapid restoration of their health and enhanced cognitive and physical abilities—they knew they had stumbled on a great discovery.

Decades of intense scientific analysis and study have revealed that Shilajit is one of the most nutrient dense substances on the planet. And what’s more, is that the nutrients it contains, such as naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids—two of nature’s most potent detoxifiers of heavy metals and other pollutants that disrupt the natural function of the body, and are quite rare to boot.
Laboratory analysis of Shilajit reveals a complete spectrum of every essential mineral on the planet in ionic crystalline form—the most easily absorbable and assimilated by the human body. It has been reported to contain at least 85 minerals in ionic crystalline form.

Scientists also found amino acids, fulvic and humic acids, ellagic acid, fatty acids and plant sterols, which tend to have a harmonizing effect on the hormonal/endocrine system, among many others.

One of the primary ways it does this is through its action on the endocrine system. As the master controllers of the body’s thousands of delicately tuned processes, hormones—or the lack thereof—have a very large influence on your health. They control mood, libido, sleep-wake cycles, hair growth, cognition, energy, consciousness and much more. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Shilajit has long been valued for its ability to restore sexual function, promote cognitive abilities, reduce anxiety and stress, improve mood and generally extend one’s lifespan.

Health Benefits of Shilajit in short

-Encourages rejuvenation
-Promotes healthy skin
-Treat anemia
-Altitude sickness
-Boost brain function
-Heart health
-Male fertility
-Speed up wound healing 
-Heal bones and joints
-Aid to the heart and blood circulation
-Energy and physical performance
-Boost immune function
-Removing heavy metals from body
-Powerful antioxidant
-Supports gut health
-Exhibits anti-cancer action

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I have been a world traveler throughout my life. In my youth while traveling in New Delhi, I was introduced to Shilajit by the oldest grandfather at a guest house where I stayed. Since then, I have enjoyed its vitality benefits. I was ecstatic when I found out I could find it here in the United States at some India Sweets and Spices markets.

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