At the very beginning of spring, especially in northern countries it’s difficult to find many materials that would be valuable as fresh natural sources of vitamins, minerals with healing benefits. Since ancient times our elders around the world knew where to find a right source at right time even most nature is still asleep. In such time can help pine buds found in the regions where pine trees are very close to the population.

Pine is considered a tree of sun and joy. They represent wisdom, longevity, fertility and life. So using pine buds, we can replenish our stocks of pleasure.

The flowering of pine buds recommends collecting in the phase of a growing or Full Moon, when they contain the most healing power. Extract from this parts of tree that are in the process of growth are used.

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They contain a small amount of terpene, which gives a curative effect if necessary to restore the bronchi. They act on the respiratory tract, slightly irritating. Then more mucus is released. In case of dry cough, it promotes expectoration. Pine buds are good for the immune system and will help get rid not only of cough or sore throat, but also of colds in general. They are also used as a cure for urolithiasis and kidney stone disease, including in osteochondrosis, liver and gallbladder problems. The specialist’s points out that the lungs and bronchi constantly need to secrete secretions in order to purify the airways. Secretions also help to cleanse the lungs and bronchi from various dust particles that a person inhales. Pine buds are a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic, in addition.

The pine buds contain the most valuable properties of parts of the tree, the bud is the beginning of life, which carries in itself the potential for the development of roots, sprouts, leaves and flowers.

Pine Buds extract is used in skin care as ingredient with very valuable properties and is classified as antidandruff, antimicrobial, antioxidant, oral care, skin conditioning and UV absorber.

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Buds of coniferous trees can be also used for the preparation of various anti-inflammatory ointments and is used quite widely. Pine buds solution not only strengthen the body and stimulate the body's excretory functions, but help to recover weakened organisms and invigorate after a long winter.

Needles are valuable charge of vitamins and minerals in the spring. As well for the intake of vitamin C. Pine needles also contain other vitamins and a lot of minerals. It is in these parts of the plant that the largest amount of organic acid (genetic information) is concentrated, as well as growth hormones, juice of a special tree. Pine buds contain some essential oil, the composition of which includes pinene, limonene, borneol, cadenene, bornilacetate. 

Contains some resin, starch, tannins and bitters (penicyrine), an insignificant amount of alkaloids, a little vitamins C and K. The amount of these substances depends on the age of the tree, soil and place, weather conditions, and how and when they are collected.


Buds of coniferous trees are not a miracle cure. When using them, it is worth keeping in mind that these valuable sources of vitamins and minerals often need to be used with caution, since the valuable substances contained in them are highly concentrated.

Testosterone has been found in the pollen of the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). It’s estimated that 10 grams of this pollen contains 0.8 micrograms of testosterone.

Because of this, pine pollen is often used to boost testosterone levels. However, there haven’t been any studies into the effectiveness of pine pollen in increasing testosterone, but you know our knowledge more often comes from 2000 years folk medicine rather than modern scientific research:)

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