Must Watch -''KICK OFF'' of Zinc Nanoparticles Captured on video!

Must Watch -''KICK OFF'' of Zinc Nanoparticles Captured on video!

Today we tested how small particles we can observe by Digital Optical Microscope. We tested Zn GaNS water , made with Carbon Stick Method without filtration, so it contains bigger clusters of nano zinc. We can see they vibrate and moves freely in a water, try to balance the energy flow. Unexpectedly, we captured in video, Zn cluster kick off with invisible force out of visible spectrum. It was very big chance to see something like that. We were so surprised to see it in real time and thanks to Universe, we can now share it with you.

We made photos of eyebrow hair up to 70 microns or 700 000nm, just to compare the size we can see. We used 100, 200, 400  magnification lenses and digital zoom (1- 3x) , so maximal magnification available was 1200 times. We did not use 600 magnification and 4 x digital zoom, because it did not gave better image, it came jut more blurry.    So, the clusters we can see is really big hundreds and thousands of nanometers.

Human eyebrow hair in 400 time magnification.

Human eyebrow hair in 1200 times magnification.

Normally at 1500x magnification human eye can comfortably see up to 200 nm details and higher magnification is not required nor helpful, because won't see more details, even if you make microscope with 10'000x magnification. 

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