Why Iron in Soap is Good for Skin?

Why Iron in Soap is Good for Skin?

Did you know that Iron containing skin care products gives your skin a healthy glow, speeds up wound healing and fights hair loss? I  recently made several soap with Iron MCPs supplements. I love to keep them all as simple as possible and we can get wide range of soap shades this only iron combined with organic solvents in soap.

I knew before that stainless steal soap bar is used to remove fishy smell from hands and interesting that I noticed the same effect when washed my hands after cleaning salmon for dinner, they does not smell fishy anymore like washed with regular soap. Seems there is more to explore.

I can suggest to use iron soap as daily for those who suffer form anemia and has pale skin and dark circles as the most common signs of  iron deficiency. The lack of iron causes hemoglobin levels to decrease and reduction of red blood cells. The reduced oxygen flow can deprive your skin of its color, making it look dusty grey. A healthy dose of iron-rich foods is also highly recommended in your daily diet and it can give your desired pinkish glow.

Without the proper supply of oxygen in your blood that also carries other nutrients, wound healing can take more time. But now you will know what to do about treating those issues when needed one day.

It is stereotype that only women can experience excessive hair loss due to iron deficiency, it happens also to men. The study reported that low iron stores increase the rate of hair fall. Iron also helps improve hair texture and reduces dullness by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and scalp. Athletic men should use iron soap after workout, because your muscles need iron to grow and build up strength.

Thank you for reading and grab your piece of iron before it is gone:)

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