Which soap to choose for dry skin ?

Which soap to choose for dry skin ?

The molecules of the soaps have two ends, where one end is called hydrophilic and that love water; the other end is called hydrophobic and that hate water. There are some basic rules you should follow when choose soaps  based on your skin requirements. The person with sensitive skin would prefer mild and soft soap. Using soaps just because it is branded can end with some side effects. So reading the soap label is highly recommended before you buy body soap, because it should be choose according to your skin type. The pH level of the skin should be maintained well to have a good looking skin, so the soaps that maintain the proper pH level should be chosen. Perfumed soaps give good smell on usage, but it is not the perfume that matters but the quality of the soap. Some scents can trigger bad skin reaction, especially artificial fragrance oils which can last forever and fulfill your bathroom or wardrobe  with overwhelming smell. The same I can say about natural essential oils, the main principle to keep in mind should be the less is better, especially if you think about soap for dry skin and sensitive skin.

Choosing the right ingredients is a very important to protect the skin from unwanted side effects.

Colloidal Yellow Silver Plasma Calendula Sea Buckthorn Soap Bar is one of my favorites for dry and sensitive skin care. Carrot seed essential oil added to this soap is one of favorites for dry and sensitive skin, but it has not very strong scent just a gentle touch of it is enough and your skin will feel and love it, mixed with Geranium Rosat and Bitter Orange essential oils is one of my favorite combinations in soap. Calendula infusion, Sea buckthorn oil and colloidal silver makes as natural protection field and boost the skin's self-regeneration.

Made on request, grab it before it is gone:)

Dry skin more often has small or invisible pores, rough complexion, red patches. It also has less elasticity that gives more visible lines or early wrinkles. Often this type of skin can be more affected by weather, hormones, medications, indoors heat, particular ingredients in soap or other cosmetic, even standard household cleaning products. Dry skin can be very itchy and easily irritated. Skin can look rough with fine flakes or dry patches. Such a skin may appear red, or gray and ashy. Dry skin has tendency to make not only fine lines and wrinkles, but also painful cracks. 

Unscented Vegan Copper + VitC Plasma Pebble Soap is simple pebble look unscented vegan type soap and contain copper plasma with vitamin C which is true heaven to deal with different skin issues. 

These two ingredients give powerful antibacterial protection and boost your skin self-repairing biochemical reactions. Ingredients also include such a skin nourishing oils as Almond Sweet and  Shea butter. 

Dry skin does not love regular industrial soap and it will not give a pleasant feeling after use. Dry skin needs to be moisturized immediately after shower or you should change your washing habits and change the soap you use. Dry skin more often can get fewer spot and blackhead issues than other skin types and some times can even look like dried soil in hot and dry summer days, thirsty for water which seems just run over and disappears too quickly to be absorbed socking in warm bath and use of mild creamy body soap would be a good start. Dry skin can become very uncomfortable, itchiness and tight feeling are its common problems, and such skin doesn’t produce enough sebum to soften it. This means it’s very important to choose appropriate products that won’t strip your skin’s oils even further.

Red SAFFRON and EVERLASTING Immortelle GOLD Plasma Soap Bar contains two outstanding ingredients in skin care - luxury  red saffron combined with colloidal gold liquid plasma and Italian strawflower also known as immortelle flower plasma extract. It has sweet bitter citrus scent from 100% natural essential oils of Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Exotic Verbena, and Bitter Mandarin, these scents combined with light natural saffron scent will gives your  natural joy and uplifting energy.

Soap with large % of free oils or superfats would be product you should look for. Dry skin soap should contain rich skin nourishing oils and butters. You can choose products with very gentle essential oils and if you ever had experienced bad skin reaction after using soap start with unscented soap or choose scented soap with less essential oils as possible, avoid any fragrance oils and bright colored fancy looking soap bars, they could be full with compounds that has no benefit for skin and even soap maker does not know how these eye catching rainbow colors are made.

It takes a lot of time to learn about each soap ingredient put in our soap to make a balanced recipe and test it and observe, revise and improve it. We are made quite a large collection of soap in last 3 years for different skin types and can help you choose with confidence.

Dry skin does not love taking frequent, long and hot showers. But good news is that dry skin can be fixed easily and cheaply. After showering, use soft towel and pat it gentle without rubbing your towel over skin just press it gently to the skin and let it suck the water than apply some moisturizer all over the body, solid lotion could be your friend and can help skin restore pH balance naturally without clogging the pores.

-Lita-                                                                                                                                                             Soap mentor, chemist, biologist and Liquid Plasma Crystals formulator

In development for several years we have gain experience in new green technology and like nothing stops in the universe we haven't either.

So we are started to make soap and other natural skincare products using plant plasma extracts and mineral  crystal particles (MCP) at their colloidal state and have blessed with new discoveries in our work that is crystalized in plasma power skin care products. 

We use slow process extraction methods than does not make whole process very cost-effective, but result is more concentrated extract from plants and its valuable elements. We use plasmatic environment in soap curing time, which could take from few weeks to even 3 years to form desirable soap crystals depending from method and ingredients used in the saponification process.We believe soap should feel happy to deliver its best properties to our customers, including the most valuable to keep material spirit preservation in liquid plasmatic form with certain fields and frequencies. We are happy to share with you this progress and grateful for every single support from you to our scientific research.Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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