Natural Shampoo Bar for Real Hair Care

Natural Shampoo Bar for Real Hair Care

Since I started to experimenting with different essential mineral integration in soaps, I have a desire to make a solid shampoo bar to replace every plastic bottle in our bathroom. Some soaps I had made in last two years was quite well to use also as shampoo bar, but it still has not meet all properties I desired.

I set some properties what I would like to have for my shampoo bar.

It should be hard enough for easy use, it should make good foams, it should not leave fat residues after washing and should not contain harmful chemicals. So, goal was to make maximal natural shampoo bar. I had made quite good shampoo bars for daily use, but as always, Arvis pushing me further:) so new shampoo bars are coming soon with Raspberry vinegar, Copper MCP's etc.

After lot of research and testings with different oils used in shampoo bar, I made a recipe what gave maximal benefit to hairs. As part of copper MCP's application research different results in soap making was achieved. 

I will share soon other results of these experiments in our upcoming webinar in few months.

As a part of my Cu (copper) experiments in soap making I made also Shampoo Bars for natural hair treatment:) Copper is very important essential element for our skin and hair pigmentation. Read more about benefits of Copper here.

As transitional metal and can give different scale of color and are very depending from temperature, water amount and other conditions, and its properties can be used in soap making too to achieve very wide range of unique soaps and shampoo bars. Copper shampoo bar will be ready soon for testing. Follow Liquid Plasma Feeding Facebook updates and subscribe for newsletter.

What is wrong with commercial shampoo?

All commercial shampoo are slightly acidic, their pH value is around 5,5. Several specific chemical compounds uses in shampoo gives them lot of foam and gives that silky feeling after use, what we love so much, but at the same time we need to wash hair quit often to keep them clean.

Did you notice that sometimes even if you wash your hair in the morning they are grassy already in evening?

What does slightly acidic shampoo do for hair? It means your hair does not breath and outer layer of the hair - cuticle is closed and charged with positive ions. Spending day in positive charged working space, full with electric devices, our hair absorb even more positive charge and become grassy.

Normal pH range of healthy hair is like for human skin is also slightly acidic and oily, and use of only acidic cleaning products you do not allow it make any ions exchange.

Where is no friction there is no energy exchange:) it is universal law of nature. 

What happens when we wash the hair?

Outer layer of hair or cuticle can be opened or expanded by weak alkaline and closed by weak acid products.

To open outer layer of hair and remove dirt and extra oils from hair we use mild alkaline around pH 9.

Dry shampoo base contain baking soda with pH 9  it can be used as fast solution, if necessary fast and dry solution.

Use of alkaline shampoo in range of pH 8 - 9 increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fiber surface and open it by expanding, it increase friction between the fibers and allow some additional nutriments enter in a lower hair.  If you leave them open for long time as it happens in use of commercial colors t may lead to cuticle damage and fiber breakage.

So it is very important to neutralize alkaline with weak acidic by rinsing water which contains apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, white vinegar or any  herbal tea like hibiscus, white willow, chamomile etc.

No scent was added as it was just a testing soap. After using the shampoo bar you always have to rinse your hair with slightly acidic water (vinegar, apple cider, lemon juice or any other acidic herbal tea for example), even rain water could be an option as ancestors did for centuries.

Ingredients for my Shampoo bar is Apricot Kernel oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shea butter.

Handmade Shampoo Bar.

You can order the sample here. 

Please note, you should wash your hair with solid shampoo bar with gently massage of the scalp you even can leave it for few minute in hair while washing your body with some of handmade glycerine rich soaps. 

Rinse your hair after washing with Apple Cider Vinegar to give shiny  look and make them easy to comb. From my own experience I can now wash my hair only once a week and live more sustainable without spending money on fast running out plastic shampoo bottles.

More photos of human hair in the microscope will be added here  soon.

Healthy human hair with very good visible pigmentation under microscope (magnification 400X).

 Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research to develop new skin care products and natural supplement extraction methods and use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world. Our goal is to develop sustainable technologies as green as possible, to use only beneficial ingredients, make products without using extra energy, find best solutions that are efficient for the future of humanity and are sustainable for our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.

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