Riviera Pebbles Soap - Luxury soap concept from France in 2020

Riviera Pebbles Soap - Luxury soap concept from France in 2020

Year 2020 for me and Liquid Plasma Crystals started with NEW SOAP concept. Here is small part of Riviera Pebbles soap collection made in 2020. Totally are made this year more than 50 different soap recipes in year of global lockdown.  As everyone else we were more or less limited to move around and we used this time to create ''besties'' from experience gathered in recent years.
Each set contains 3 original and unique hand molded pebbles shape soap oval, droplet and rounded triangle, made based on natural shapes of pebbles from breath taking  beaches in French Riviera. 
All soap bars is made mixed by hand to feel right point to pour soap trace is molds. This methods is called cold method in soap making and it is slow process of formation of natural soap crystals. It gives more time to just formed soap molecules to move around and find the most natural place in final soap crystal. 
Soap mixed from two different soap shades containing different minerals or plant extracts are mixed in mold by gentle hand swirls that makes each pattern in soap bar unique, there is no two identical pieces just like we as humans each has it own original look. Even those that  look natural beige each has its own unique color shade and even texture or soap crystals.
Riviera Pebbles soap recipe are made with Luxury Shea butter and essential minerals for human body as main ingredients different from other artisan made soap.
We had created our own principle of 12 concept for  body essentials divided in 4 groups with 3 essential ingredients in each of these groups. I will write about it in more in my next blog.
All ingredients are prepared in its colloidal state or as plasmatic compounds and skin beneficial plant extracts to enhance efficiency of natural healing vibes for skin benefits if used on daily basis.
Our concept was to make soap that contains colloidal essential micro-elements or Mineral Crystal Particles and plant extracts to increase their efficiency applied on skin.
Most of soap are made unscented as natural organic soap. Just few has added 100% natural essential oil from selected local producers and there will be more in future and could be made on request also.
All our soap supplements are highly selected based on our previous experience and especially with essential minerals, that is one of ''must to have'' ingredients in each soap bar we make. For each mineral used in soap recipe have to be right amount and concentration to form natural soap crystals and following appropriate cure conditions are highly important in the process. Besides mineral soap we are using also different extracts from plants  and infusion oils.
Modern market now requires highly natural products to avoid skin allergies and other skin issues caused by industrial food and air pollution, including EMF pollution. Our concept was to keep all ingredients simple easy to integrate in soap and as small  as possible, especially essential minerals for micro-nutrition trough skin as largest organ of human body. 
We do not use ''tutti- fruity'' artificial fragrance oils in our products, we believe that we have to clean our senses to be able to feel again that is natural. Just few selected products contain 100% natural essential oils in very low concentration to add not only particular scent to natural soap, but also improve its plasmatic healing effect.
This is first soap collection fully cured in plasmatic environment and is programmed with uplifting solfeggio frequencies or we can use also specific frequencies on your request using scalar wave technology.
Energy in nature loves to move in circles, waves and smooth lines, we put this energy in every soap bar as each piece after unmolding is smoothen by hand to send you part of our own energy and share it with you. We are happy to hear that our customers had felt it.
What else is good about this product?
Well, there is NO CRUELTIES
No chemical compound powders
No artificial fragrances
No plant chunks
No industrial preservatives
we mostly offer also palm oil free soap except some where organic palm oil was aded for purpose. 
          First excitement is its shape, it is so nice to touch and move around the hands, it feels  hard and smooth. It really feels like you are holding in your hands natural riviera pebble, it is truly relaxing, I love to turned it around in hands and slowly slide over the body. It leather has such a silky touch to skin with gentle creamy bubbles. Body sponge gives even more excited experience, mousse goes on and on even with little use of soap itself. Extra Shea butter added to soap enhance natural protection layer of skin, just gently removing away dead skin cells and gives  enough moisturizing for skin in most natural way possible. I had used these soap and noticed that it heals tiny irritation and dry skin very fast. I felt common skin condition improvement even after few times of use. Combination of vegetal oil in soap recipe provide wide rage of benefits provided of each particular oil, essential minerals and healing plants to keep skin healthy and smooth. It really feels so fresh and gives natural smell of healthy and clean skin.

How about packaging?

We use eco-friendly packaging that included personalized message to our customers about this unique product.

Each gift package is custom printed with french riviera landscape on the box, so you can ask send it as gift to your friends, colleagues of family with customized gift message

Thanks a lot to all our loyal customers who helping us to develop new products it all was possible only with your generous support.

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-Lita-                                                                                                                                                             Soap mentor, chemist, biologist and Liquid Plasma Crystals formulator

In development for several years we have gain experience in new green technology and like nothing stops in the universe we haven't either.

So we are started to make soap and other natural skincare products using plant plasma extracts and mineral  crystal particles (MCP) at their colloidal state and have blessed with new discoveries in our work that is crystalized in plasma power skin care products. 

We use slow process extraction methods than does not make whole process very cost-effective, but result is more concentrated extract from plants and its valuable elements. We use plasmatic environment in soap curing time, which could take from few weeks to even 3 years to form desirable soap crystals depending from method and ingredients used in the saponification process.We believe soap should feel happy to deliver its best properties to our customers, including the most valuable to keep material spirit preservation in liquid plasmatic form with certain fields and frequencies. We are happy to share with you this progress and grateful for every single support from you to our scientific research.Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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