Mosaic Tiles Soap Technique

Mosaic Tiles Soap Technique

I had idea to make soap with scratchy antique tiles effect, something like I saw on the floors in destroyed Pompeii. This is my first try, but I hope not a last one:)
As Moroccan tile masters used to say : ''Only God is perfect, but he loves imperfection:)'', and imperfection it is in human nature.''
God knows that perfect people do not exist. We all fail. God’s love for you is bigger than your mistakes and he loves imperfect people. :)

As for every soap maker failures happens also for me, especially when I try out some new additive which is not bought from some soap supplier, but is made in our own artisan lab and has various pH values or different biochemical composition.  That is always challenging to start a new track and not follow the highway where all others are running in such a high speed:)

Some time ago I rebatched one of my failed copper soap experiment and added also a little bit hibiscus vinegar, just by curiosity, as expected soap turned out quit soft, because acidic additives always had tendency to mess around:) soap sweated a lot and still keep doing it, but it also kept fantastic property to make different color edge around the soap bar, I wished to use this defect as effect, but everything has its own time. Soap was left aside because color change on edges takes time, sometimes even too long:), so better put them away form your eyes.

I had used already the same failed soap embeds before to make a new soap and I loved how it turned out, it is now our favorite shampoo bar. 

They gave such a  crazy mousse, I just love them so much. It all comes from great combination of oils, no extra boosters was added to these soap.

So I decided to play around this soap and used cookie mold to make some decors. As soap contained small amount of copper  compound it should be left in open air for some time to change the color and absorb CO2 from air. In this process soap with ugly light brown color get its green shade outside the bar.

So I decided to play around this soap and used cookie mold to make some decors. If soap contains even small amount of copper compound and is left in open air for some time it change the color by absorbing CO2 from air and forming copper carbonates on soap bar edges. 

When all decors has turned in color I expected, I was ready to put them in new soap. There is no special cure time for my embed cuts as soap was finished its reaction already long time ago. Decision to make a new soap with these embeds as made when last soap bar become already so thin, OMG, it is time to make a new shampoo bar:)

So I cleaned up my cookie cut soap pieces and put them layer by layer in fresh made soap. Color has a great vintage look with some small darker dots from hibiscus vinegar and seems to be just right to try out my idea about antique tiles. 

Oils and lye was in room temperature when I made a light trace and stared to pour them in mold, but at least the saponification process run well and pH value is ok, now just have to wait atleast 4 weeks when fresh made soap dries out and saponification process will be completed.

For my sample soap in this process to brown soap get its grey green shade, but when embeds was put in fresh soap this coating turned violet :) inside the soap. it was visible only very short time when fresh soap was cut. Metal ions (in this case Cu ions) plays very important role in organic pigments color changes, but it is different subject I will tell you next time.

I found this method interesting and full of great potential to make even more excited designs. 

This was great learning by doing experience to share with you and I ope you also get some inspiration to try something new.

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