Liquid Copper Soap - How it is made?

Liquid Copper Soap - How it is made?

For last several months I had made several Soap bars with different Copper MCPs solutions. Each time copper soap did some unexpected changes and it was very interesting material to work and experiment with.

To make a Liquid Copper Soap is a one of the ways how to avoid common issue for most of MCPs copper solution uses in soap making - forming of green copper coating all around the copper soap when it is exposed to open air and is known also as "stabilized" Copper hydroxide, although they likely consist of a mixture of copper(II) carbonate and hydroxide.

Image by author. Green coat layer is formed on copper soap after exposed to open air.

This is endothermic reaction because thermal decomposition is the breakdown of a compound using heat. Remember endo means more energy is taken in breaking the bonds of copper carbonate than there is given out when making the bonds of copper oxide and carbon dioxide. 
Exposed to heat copper soap green coating disappears and soap turns in very nice caramel brown tone. It is extremely easily to turn back to green even at room temperature in one day, if you keep it in open air.

Image by author. Copper soap can be turned back from green to brown with heated.

I used 2 month cured copper glycerine soap as base for liquid copper soap.

This glycerine soap bar after 2 month sitting in the mold, still very sticky. Color from outside started was changes from light brown to darker brown and finally to moss green and even brighter deep green after 2 months. 

Image by author. Fresh made copper glycerine soap had caramel brown color.

Image by author. Even after month in a mold it is still soft and sticky.

Images by author. Copper glycerine soap bar edges changes color from caramel brown to dark greenish brown and finally to green. Only after 2 month in mold I managed to get it out, but it is still  very sticky. Soap edges started to turn from brown to green brown, but not yet bright green. Exposure to open air speed up the process.


Liquid Copper soap with Vanilla and raw sugar. 

Liquid Copper soap with Vanilla and raw sugar. Dilution starts with 1 part White Willow tea pH 4,1 and 2 parts distilled water mixture in ration 1 soap part with 0,5 part water mixture.


Image by author. Glycerine soap chunks with white willow tea.

Glycerine soap could be diluted very easy. I started with ratio 1:0,5. More water always could be added later if needed.

Image by author. This is one of troubleshooting cases in my soap making and can't find a best way how to remove it and stop it forming again and again on top of sopa surface. I called it soap paper film.

This paper like film on diluted soap was my headache for several month:), you can't remove it always come back when soap cools. I had spent hours and hours looking for answer how to remove it - no answer and today I finally found how to remove it forever. I added raw sugar solution, mixed it in a soap and  sprayed thus nasty film with rubber alcohol, and guess what it did not showed up anymore it was gone. Finally !

    I prepared raw sugar solution and added to soap.

Soap turned out very good. I found it perfect to use for foot bath, but you can use it in any other situation when hygiena is your concern.

Soaps had scented with vanilla extract and honey. Raw sugar itself has wonderful candy smell.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested to test these, only limited amount is available and  copper glycerine soap bar could be made only on request.

Thank you for reading.

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