How to use Copper soap for Garden to save your plants ?

How to use Copper soap for Garden to save your plants ?

Gardener or insecticidal soap is well known for professional and many ready to use mixtures are available in local gardener shops. But it is also easy you make at home for yourself.
For this purpose you can use any home made natural soap without any fragrance oil or essential oil added to soap. As less additives will contain your soap as better it will be for organic food growers.
Gardener soap has shown great effect to remove sooty mold and honeydew infection.
Most common use for soap is spray with soap water leaves of the infected plant, just note it should not be done in sunny day, so I suggest to do it in cloudy day or after sunset. It will extend effect form soap to parasitic insects, who found our green friends as their new food source. Soaps disrupt the cell membranes of the insect and they are not able to breath and dies. It is an environmentally friendly application used by organic gardeners to eliminate small soft bodied insects like aphids, spider mites, mealybugs and even whiteflies.

Copper soap works even more effective, Cu ions are known as anti-fungal and antibacterial and is very poisonous to wide range of plant parasites, and  specially on mold type infections. 
Of course you can add some coper compound to your soap mixture, but in soap copper is in exact size to attack parasites in most effective way. Copper added to soap decrease soap pH value and soap is more friendly to plants with soft leaves.
Here is simple recipe:
Mix 10 gr of the gardener soap for every cup of warm water and leave soap dissolve overnight or from morning to evening. Than put into a spray bottle and spray on your infected plants. Mix amount only what is needed for a one-day application.
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or make your own. Here you can find simple soap recipe for beginners.

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