How Good Soap Protects Your Body and Heal Your Aura

How Good Soap Protects Your Body and Heal Your Aura

If you take the soap in hand and put under the running water you feel it is slippery, but what makes them so, what is behind this effect?

Let’s look on it from our point of view and science of soap molecules. As everything else in this world, also soap is made from different crystalline structures which each has its own different features. Soap molecules crystals can make tree dimensional structures like smaller and bigger fuzzy balls of dandelion fluff, depending from oils used in soap making and these crystals has not only different sizes, but also different vibrational level still beyond full conventional comprehension of them.

Soap is made mainly from fats and oils and strong alkaline, which in reaction, called saponification, makes soap we use for skin or laundry, but very often soap is also used in agriculture and textile industry and even maritime industry. Natural soap makers all around the world from small artisans to large soap companies use also various additives as  ingredients made from biological materials and minerals. In modern labs scientists are made new surfactants, which contain artificially synthesized compounds with the same properties as soap, but have they the same energetic level? Are they accepted by skin, our largest organ as more than 3000 square inches large living sponge, as friendly components and has the same skin benefits as natural soap?

Soap molecules has two different ends, one that is hydrophilic (polar head) that binds with water and the other that is hydrophobic (non-polar hydrocarbon tail) that binds with grease and oil. When greasy dirt or oil is mixed with soapy water, the soap molecules arrange themselves into tiny clusters called micelles. These soap micelles (dandelion fluff balls) has negative charge and positive charge is hidden inside of it. Positively charged particles usually are sodium or potassium but soap micelle can have also more complex structure and can contain other minerals ions inside the micelle, like gold, silver and gold complexes wrapped in with glycerin.

We also use zinc and copper in soap as basic essential microelements for our body healthy metabolism. These two elements are like right and left hand in our body, like sun and moon, like two kids on swinging bar. They both should be in balances in our body and are involved in more than 400 different biochemical reactions for our body to work properly, including healthy DNA transcript, main autoimmunity synthesis, collagen production, brain function, etc…. it is really very large subject and you read about each of them in our other knowledge sharing pages. These essential elements dissolved in water makes mineral plasma waters we use in soap making. But plasma waters also can contain several biological active substances, mainly herbal and sometimes also natural essential oils with certain benefits to skin condition improvement and aromatherapy effect.


Negatively charge part of the soap molecules are on other end and makes outside layers of micelle ball. As such this negatively charged portion of the molecule consists of a long chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Length of oil molecule determines how big or small the micelle ball will be and as we know different size and 3 dimensional structure makes different frequencies.

Smaller balls are like kids can move much more faster and also in soap making these smaller molecules can form soap crystals faster that big balls made from long chains. They are like big man in tiny room, it moves much slower. Water is very important part of soap crystal formation. Hard water containing Ca+2 and Mg+2 and is not recommended to use is soap making, but soluble organic or non-organic salts can change shape of soap crystallization and it frequencies accordingly.

We primary use plasma waters which already has their own frequencies and if frequencies is applied also in soap curing process, we can shape the result of soap crystals according to sacred geometric patterns. For example I recently read the article about research made in with ammonia salts used in soap making and it clearly showed that these salts makes simple squared or tartan pattern. It just approved that any ingredient added to soap is much more important than we can imagine if we think in terms of energy, vibration, pattern and well-being.

Photo. Xinliang Feng, Dresden University of Technology.

The surfactant molecule slipperiness effect builds between soap molecules with long chains, which can much easier glide over each other. All bases or alkaline solutions have this slippery feeling. This effect is made by weak electric forces holding between the long chains fatty acids of the oil together allowing them to move freely past each other giving us the impression that the oil is slippery. Just like in graphite, which is very lubricate and where each layer of carbon lattice is hold together by weak electric force also called Van der Waals forces. Surfactants, which also have long tails oil-like molecule chains, have the same property. This is most convenient for us and it means that we get a water-soluble cleaner that lubricates as it cleans making cleaning easier and physically less abrasive.


Unlike fats and oils, surfactants or soap molecules are soluble in water. For example copper stearate is water-soluble and can carry active cu+2 ions to make them bioavailable.

During the soap rubbing on your skin, as your skin is weakly acid in has a little bit a negatively charge and soap bar is a little bit of base and a positively charge, soap gives up free electrons and are transferred to your skin by giving very slight coating on your skin, which may protect and heal with plasmatic effect. That includes also your finest energetic layers of your body or bioluminescent light around your body that can be detected using Kirlian photography and other more modern devices. Electromagnetic fields of you body emit light and can be observed. Light is waves, and wave has frequencies. It means than soap can be used not just for skin cleansing but also build protection layer around and your body and has effect on your aura.

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