Gold Soap Challenge

Gold Soap Challenge

The gold is the most attractive because of its beauty and characteristics since the beginning of the human history.

For thousands of years, people have been adding gold to their diet in order to achieve a more balanced mind, body, and spirit. The mystical metal has been used for both spiritual and medical purposes as far back as ancient Egypt. Egyptians used gold in dentistry and ingested it for mental, physical and spiritual purification. Ancients believed that gold in the body worked as stimulator (chi-life force) and raising the level of vibration in a whole body. Read full article about nano gold and it's history here

Use of gold in different body care products became very popular again in last decades, but most of the products with gold available in the market use blended bulk 24K gold leaves as additives in cosmetics, but if we think about our skin as large living sponge, we realize that these bulk gold flakes does not cross our skin because skin pore size it much more smaller than blended gold leaves.

It was clear from beginning that only nano gold can be used to make real difference as size matter when applied to skin care.

Important preparation work was done before we was able to start soap making.

1) Ruby gold nano solution was prepared according to this method. It is prepared with simple ingredients in certain conditions and there are no harmful chemicals used in a process.

2) Biggest challenge for this soap was transfer gold nano particles into oil from water based solution. Procedure took several hours.

3) Original recipe was calculated for solid soap bar using balanced oil blend.

Ruby gold is very light sensitive material and it is a big challenge to work with this material.

After several experiment we are achieved result of luxury product - Gold soap, which contains nano gold which can cross natural skin barrier.

Additionally to gold challenge we decide to use hibiscus tea and Vitamin C for little swirl in the  soap to get light pink shade inside the soap bar.

Our latest soap with colloidal gold coconut oil you can find here 

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