Black Concrete Iron Soap inspired by Modern Interior Design

Black Concrete Iron Soap inspired by Modern Interior Design

Black Concrete Iron soap was made as inspiration after the blog ‘’ Why Concrete Is Big Thing in Interior Design, written by Tare Mastroeni published on January 29, 2020 at

‘While others are focused on bold patterns and bright, in-your-face colors, concrete is subtler. That said, we understand some people may need convincing.’

Tare Mastroeni

Interior photo from blog Marcia’s Loves It - Cool concrete bathrooms, source:

You can argue what is subtler in concrete? I suppose it is its simplicity in functionality. Black Concrete Iron Soap also may looks rough for somebody, just like unpolished concrete, but main key is in its ingredients and their unique properties,  every and each of them has its own part in soap recipe. I started with basic 3 most loved oils in many other plasma soap - coconut oil – gives bubbles, olive oil gives conditioning properties and shea butter it rich oil for skin moisturizing, castor oil keeps bubbles stable and help to keep soap leathering very creamy, cacao butter is one of my favorite luxury oils, it gives hardness to soap bar and is great alternative to palm oil as skin moisturizer. There is no scent added to keep soap as natural as possible, black iron plasma made by Liquid Plasma Crystals is only additive added to these, it works as natural antimicrobial agent, it does not stain and gives nice white leather when used and do not leave stain in your bathroom. Soap texture is left untreated, I decided to leave it untouched, it  will be washed off in first use of soap.

This is perfect organic complementary touch in any modern concrete inspired bathroom.

Black Iron antimicrobial properties are explained by its  magnetic properties. It does not effect human body as whole a much, but it  is effective way to control bad bacteria on skin, bad scent caused by very active sweating glands activity as result of intensive detoxification. This magnetic properties of black iron could be used in skin care to clear the skin pores. Black Iron, like other transition metals, have partially-filled electrons shells, so some of these elements and their compounds are magnetic, if strong magnet is applied. Its magnetic properties depends on its microstructure and crystalline state, which can be affected by temperature and composition, but does not changes even if it is not  affected by strong magnetic field. It magnetic properties does not mean that your soap will be attracted by magnet, but it could be used to form certain crystalline structure soap molecules.  Cold process soap is very gentle method how to make Black Iron soap and keep all active substances in it natural state as much as possible.

 Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research to develop new skin care products and natural supplement extraction methods and use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world. Our goal is to develop sustainable technologies as green as possible, to use only beneficial ingredients, make products without using extra energy, find best solutions that are efficient for the future of humanity and are sustainable for our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.

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