Understand Nano Technologies and its Meaning of Origin

Understand Nano Technologies and its Meaning of Origin

Historically to understand Nano etymology world meaning is very confusing and maybe secretly hidden from our perception. Just like that amongst us have lived dwarfs and giants. In French Nain and in Greek nanos "a dwarf", this is originally "little old man," from nannos "uncle," masc. of nanna "aunt". Earlier nano- was used as a prefix to mean "dwarf, dwarfish," and still it is used in a non-scientific sense of "very small."

Here in pictures from 19 century published LA NATURE we can see dwarfs, which they have lived in 19 century. Smallest on the soap bar is 38cm tall adult. In history dwarfs are described not only as very small but also as very strong and highly intelligent beings. Many amongst them have worked not only in circus but also as advisers for kings. Just like one of the Lannister's son Tyrion in George R.R. Martin's novel and famous TV show series ‘Game of Thrones’’.

As a children in very early age we are already introduced these curious being trough fairy tales and folk stories. Like Nanos from one of most popular Grimm’s fairy tale Snow White and Seven Dwarfs are miners of gemstones, wearing cloths in seven colors of rainbow or seven light waves (frequencies), and promised Snow White, if you live with us and keep our house clean you shall have everything that you want.

Snow White itself is subject of alchemy – with her charcoal black hairs, show white skin and blood red lips. These three colors are very symbolic in transformation and creations trough alchemical process.

Maybe it worth to reread childhood fairy tales to find and understand more hidden clues in them.

Nanoparticles are particles between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. In nanotechnology, a particle is defined as a small object that behaves as a whole unit with respect to its transport and properties. Although nanoparticles are associated with modern science and they have a long history. Artisans as far back as Rome used nanoparticles in the fourth century in the famous Lycurgus cup made of dichroic glass as well as the ninth century in Mesopotamia for creating a glittering effect on the surface of pots.

Photo from Wikipedia

Nanoparticles are subject with great scientific interest as they are, in effect, a bridge between solid materials and atomic or molecular structures. A solid material should have constant physical properties regardless of its size, but at the Nano-scale size-dependent properties are often observed. Thus, the properties of materials change as their size approaches the Nano scale and as the percentage of the surface in relation to the percentage of the volume of a material becomes significant. Nanoparticles often possess unexpected optical properties, as they are small enough to confine their electrons and produce quantum effects.

In modern science Nano was introduced 1947 (at 14th conference of the Union Internationale de Chimie in France) as a prefix for units of one thousand-millionth part (now "one-billionth"). From there Nano and Nano technologies have taken different path in semiconductors, drug industry and all others.

Richard Feynman

Later the concepts that continued seeded nanotechnology were first discussed in 1959 by renowned physicist Richard Feynman in his speech ‘There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom’, in which’ he described the possibility of synthesis via direct manipulation of atoms. The term "nano-technology" was first used by Norio Taniguchi in 1974, though it was not widely known yet at that time.

Inspired by Feynman's concepts, K. Eric Drexler used the term "nanotechnology" in his 1986 book ‘Engines of Creation’. He wrote: ‘The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, which proposed the idea of a nanoscale "assembler" which would be able to build a copy of itself and of other items of arbitrary complexity with atomic control.’ Also in 1986, Drexler as co-founded The Foresight Institute to help increase public awareness and understanding of nanotechnology concepts and implications. Since the popularity spike in the 1980s, most of nanotechnology has involved investigation of several approaches to making mechanical devices out of a small number of atoms. In the 1980s breakthroughs sparked the growth of nanotechnology in modern era.

Since than scientific research in nanotechnologies is growing in geometric progression and almost every scientific lab today is involved in some kind of nanotechnology research starting from material science and ending with food industry and medicine. It can transform our lives full with true miracles and it can also destroy everything that humans are achieved. It is very high responsibility to scientists to choose which path to go with their research.

Picture from LA NATURE in 19 century. The dwarfs standing by the bottle of water, 52 and 53cm tall adults.

Today people by hearing this word make more fear that good vibes because this technology is not fully understood for wide public and cause harm as well god. Good direction, which is my personal faith and where is my intention.

As we now understand Nano meaning just very small and does not mean that it can always cause harm because basically everything is Nano and even smaller and technologies meaning to do engineering and be able to control it. Without Nano natural occurrence in our Universe could not possible normal function, even basic photosynthesis could not occur. So smaller the particles get stronger and more intelligent they get, which today with quantum entanglement Double-Slit experiments is proven to very truth. So we need today be wise and intelligent to understand these technologies see how we can take responsibility and create things, which make our lives safe and better for all of us. Not only in level which we understand matter or physicality and but also our mental state which is assisting in our very daily lives. In meantime by creating our future, we creating our history also.

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