Probating Amazing Properties of The Water

Probating Amazing Properties of The Water

The world’s most recognizable chemical formula H2O. Water is simplest or self-evident well-known substance but is it really simplest and self-evident!?  Water is the source of life itself as we see evidence in countless creation myths in which life emerges from primordial waters. Water can have very different meaning and symbols such; life, motion, recreation, blessing, intuition, subconscious, fertilization, purification, transformation, reflection and so on. Water's unique chemical properties make it so complicated that after decades of research, knowledge seekers, researchers, homeopaths, and scientists still have much to learn about this remarkable and mysterious substance. One of an interesting property of the water what is not widely known is the diamagnetic property so water it repeals from the magnetic poles, including light band and electrostatic effect on water and transmission just like fiber optics cables.. You can read more about water here.

Diamagnetic materials, like water, or water-based materials, have a relative magnetic permeability that is less than or equal to 1, and therefore a magnetic susceptibility less than or equal to 0, since susceptibility is defined as χv = μv − 1. This means that diamagnetic materials are repelled by magnetic fields. However, since diamagnetism is such a weak property, its effects are not observable in everyday life. For example, the magnetic susceptibility of diamagnets such as water is χv = −9.05×10−6. The most strongly diamagnetic material is bismuth, χv = −1.66×10−4, although pyrolytic carbon may have a susceptibility of χv = −4.00×10−4 in one plane. Nevertheless, these values are orders of magnitude smaller than the magnetism exhibited by paramagnets and ferromagnets. Note that because χv is derived from the ratio of the internal magnetic field to the applied field, it is a dimensionless value.

All conductors exhibit an effective diamagnetism when they experience a changing magnetic field. The Lorentz force on electrons causes them to circulate around forming eddy currents. The eddy currents then produce an induced magnetic field opposite the applied field, resisting the conductor's motion.

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The test was made with two strong neodymium magnets. It works with any strong magnet. The borosilicate glass tube is filled with tap water. By approaching with a magnet it's starting float on the surface of the water stucked in the foam. The tests confirm that water is diamagnetic slightly.



The second test with frozen water in borosilicate glass tube. The same results!




The third test with frozen water rod. I removed the ice rod from the glass tube to not confuse you diamagnetism of the glass. As follow as expected waters show its diamagnetic properties.


The fourth test to show how water is trying to repeal from the surface of the magnet. I adjusting slowly water level the dish till it covered surface the water. As we can see clearly that only tensions on the surface trying to hold the shape but magnetic force is kept around 5 mm above the surface of the magnet.


Electrostatic test with a plastic tube, hair comb and glass tube. Very simple funny test but very important to admit it's very crucial role in the life of the Earth.

Kids always love and play with it.



Playing with the laser beam with different positions we can see how the light is transferred through the water flow on my finger. It works as optical fiber cable and even better.



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After all, those are simple but one few crucial properties of the water to make possible the Universe to exist and  life emerges from primordial waters.

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