Minerals and Water Frequencies in Crystalline Structure of Universe

Minerals and Water Frequencies in Crystalline Structure of Universe

In this article I will not talk about specific important trace elements or technics how to produce or use minerals or other substances for your or other health uses. But I will explain general information from history to nowadays science about minerals, natural substances and indeed frequencies and plasma that is very important to understand if you seek for the knowledge about Mineral Crystal Particles, Water and Plant extracts as complimentary.

In ancient human history the healing with minerals, water and plants supplements lays down as far we can rich our history. In ancient Egypt, Asia, Russia (Tartary), Africa and Native Americans have used crystals, minerals and plant substances mold together with clay and other mixtures. Used it applying directly on skin and in some technics internally. We can see still today as beautiful decorated skins in tribal areas of the world during various spiritual ceremonies and daily for healing and protection. In ancient time humans perceive these cures different as we see it today. 

They have the respect and connection to the Earth and worshipped along with natural cycles of the Earth and cosmic events – The sun, moon, starts etc. They perceive and understood very well these various vibrations and live with it according with deep respect.

With the time all these traditions and knowledge were transferred to more modern and civilized cultures like in ancient Greek, Rome, Arabic world, Persian and Asian medicine. As first mineral and herbal remedy was practice in bath and saunas along with herbal medicine for internal uses. Most traditions was transferred from ancient time to more modern culture by still worshipping different deities like paganism and celestial bodies and nature forces become Gods with different names to them in various parts in the world but all with the same roots linked with mythology.

Slowly all knowledge was absorbed in various religions and monasteries behind thick walls off peoples knowledge and awareness. Only few who manage to preserve this knowledge as alchemy and sorcery kept practicing in deep secret throughout long lasting ages by passing these stories by generation and tale stories, well kept secret books, paintings and sculptures etc.

Ormus is great example how essential salts and other mineral compounds could be extracted from seawater.

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Last three hundred years science been advanced and started to come out from the hidden closed walls and hidden knowledge in plain sights. Humanity changed the course with different views on today’s modern science and as follow in most important understanding chemical and atomic elements. That gives more profound views about characteristics of each element and its uses. Along we have found out that our bodies contains the same elements from which whole universe is made of. Trace minerals in human body plays very important role even they are in very small amounts. The science has understood how these important mineral compounds find a way to our daily life mostly trough the digestion system and some parts trough the skin. From the soil that included mountain rocks and ocean water to fresh water to plants to animals and indeed in our bodies. These are very important steps to naturally to be absorbed as nutrition. Bust science is advancing and curiosity to gain proper knowledge and mimic nature forces we are founding ways how produces the most effective and purest products for our nutrition as booster out health and cure most important deceases amongst humans, animals, agriculture and indeed our loved environment. By gaining knowledge and experience in chemistry, biology, physics and indeed Nano technology that includes all these sciences. We began understand that what plays important role to be correctly used for different domains.

Crystalline structures, chemical compounds and the most important the vibrational plasma around these tiny crystals are very important, including the source or biochemically transferred from one state to other. From the Earth mineral ores to Nano sized mineral crystal particles. Naturally mineral ores contain various compounds and bulk metals, which they need to be separated and purify to bulk metals. In bulk metal each atomic metal holds together with electron electrostatic forces. That need to be extracted chemically or electrochemically to various crystalline structures compounds for each application or it’s for technical uses in electronics or mechanics, indeed as nutrition in biological life forms. Which is very challenging and to be still studied. Nature does it natural way and each of the chain takes what it needs. So shortcut these chains today scientists around the world being experimenting in different ways, that includes myself who been involved for few years already and by everyday learning with experiments and from other scientific research sees opportunities in this field.

Specifically mineral compounds fused with the extracts of bio substances such vitamins and very important amino acids. As main solution water, molecular hydrogen, frequencies and plasmatic field from these Nano crystalline structures.  Read more about water structure and it mystical properties here. These fused liquid allow particles to be colloidal in liquid by structuring or clustering the solution with specific frequency. In certain size and shape allows vibrate and emit plasmons or even in simplest emitting as the light. The correct size and shape of particles not only allow be correctly absorbed in given environment but the light itself is an electromagnetic wave which can be use as cursor to accomplish needed results. Today is nothing new in quantum theories that smallest particles lose they locality and can have effect simultaneously by giving stimulus on one end. Regardless quantum physics today we seen different scientific experiments that proves not only the tiniest particles can cause the effect but particles up to 1000nm and even bigger like big bacteria can sense the stimulation from long distance. Gold and silver been studied in various ways including and clear indication of plasmon field surrounded or emitted from the particles. Basically ignoring all biological life form crystalline structures all mineral crystal particles has these fields and can give changing course in science and our daily life how we perceive our reality and what can be done if we start to manage crystalline structures to achieve better results in healing and cleaning anything on the Earth for better greener and more sustainable life. Earth crust has abundance of all living organisms and can support even more people than we have today. To read more here.

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In my personal development in this nowadays science by developing my proper methods for mineral and bio material extraction so far I have achieve interesting results and slowly being testing and experimenting to do best what can be achieved from home or artisan based lab. Almost all my produced materials can be ordered as sample to further experiments by other artisan scientists and alternative healing therapists.

For those who do not like reading I made short video while hiking in Massifs de Estrellas, South of France.

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