How Correctly Perceive True 24k Gold in Cosmetics.

How Correctly Perceive True 24k Gold in Cosmetics.

The use of the gold is very ancient and it has used in  various ways in past and always very highly valued in any period of history. But how to get most benefits of it is not always been understood. So here I will explain general concept for better perception for any consumers who are looking for high quality  gold, who has higher energetic  vibrations, I even could say divide pattern in cosmetics.

Let me explain a little bit of science here. The gold in its purest form 24k is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, but soft, malleable, and ductile metal. Gold's high resistance to corrosion and most other chemical reactions, and it's conductivity of electricity have led to its continued use for corrosion resistant electrical devices. Gold is also used in infrared shielding, stained glass production, gold leafing, gold coatings and tooth restoration. Certain gold compounds are still used in medicine in which most of our readers here are highly interested. But don't miss these important scientific facts because gold in its essence remains the gold, but it could be its properties could be slightly adjusted for specific needs.

Specifically I want to point out most popular form used in cosmetics - gold leaves which are widely used for cosmetic producers because it the cheap and easy accessible. But, there is a big BUT! Yes, it’s still high valued but most cosmetic producers are misleading their costumers by saying that their cosmetics contains 24k colloidal gold to lead costumers to believe they will receive full benefit from gold but indeed they have used gold from blended gold leaves, which has not the same properties as colloidal gold. Even in thin gold leaves it is still a bulk metal and will remains as solid micro pieces in particular product, skin pores will not absorb it. Under high zoom microscope we can see surface of bulk gold acts as wobbling wave, which it gives this golden shinny yellow color.

This shinny color appears because electron clouds at the surface of metals. Photons of light can’t get through these clouds and therefore aren’t absorbed by the electrons bound to atoms in metals, the photons are reflected back to your eye and you see that shiny metal surface reflection. It still has several good properties but the surface area of bulk gold is a much less then colloidal gold surface, if we look particularly at particles in size between 5 to 100nm. Nano particles act differently in chemical reactions as smaller the Nano gold particle is, as larger the proportion of atoms is on the surface, and the larger proportion of atoms is at the corners of the crystal.

While in the bulk gold form, each gold atom is surrounded by twelve other gold atoms; even the gold atoms on the surface have six adjacent gold atoms. In a gold nanoparticle a much larger percentage of gold atoms sit on the surface. Bulk gold forms crystalline shapes and at the corners of these crystals we see less gold atoms than those in the surface of nano gold. The exposed atoms at the corners of the crystal are more reactive than gold atoms in the bulk form, which allows the gold nanoparticles to catalyze reactions. At the Nano scale, the electron cloud at the surface of a gold Nano particle resonates with different wavelengths of light depending upon their frequency. Depending on the size of the nanoparticle, the electron cloud will be in resonance with a particular wavelength of light and absorb that wavelength; we observe this wavelength as color. I’m interested particularly to these gold features. It allows Nano particles to be programmed or influenced with frequencies, especially in quantum field using Life Force programming technique.

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Nano gold can be beneficial also for our emotional healing; it is especially effective with depression, melancholy, suffering, anxiety, fear, despair, distress, frustration, addictions, and suicidal tendencies. It can bring back your joy and happiness, optimism, boost your immunity system, improves healthy sexual life, raise your IQ by building new connections in your brain and increase your cognitive potential. Including cancer treatment that we hear more and more today as promising solution. Nano gold particles stimulate cellular growth of the deepest layers of the skin and triggers healthy self - regeneration; firm new skin cells and provides a tightening effect. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also thought to decrease skin inflammation and help to slow down melanin secretion and reduce age spots. The skin looks wonderful afterwards.

Most cosmetic producers which claim have used gold particles in their cosmetics understand that is very expensive to use Nano gold as ingredient, but there could be also other reasons, such as targeting specific customers in their marketing, who are looking for cheaper price products. So please don’t be mislead about the gold in cosmetics if you have high valued specific needs or just accept this and receive for what you paid for.

Even we are still a small artisan practitioners today we pay attention on details. I have achieved very good results in colloidal gold making, which took me many hours of testing, repeating, and adjustments to find the best proportions, but at end of the day that’s gives us advantage to keep our price reasonable for new products in future.

I just recently had finished very time taking experiments with long hours spent in on them, real hard working and which demands high concentration skills and precious adjustments like temperature, time, speed etc. and a lot of materials was spent to get the best results to get colloidal gold infusion in oil or particulary in coconut oil. Which is still quite expensive and very delicate process with little mistake in processing can end up with waste of colloidal gold and coconut oil. But indeed now I'm pretty sure about future upgrades to reduce these risks and production costs. Learning by doing results is very exiting!

Here is a almost finished emulsification for true colloidal gold into skin cream with helping hand of my partner Litha. She also made several experiments with different oils, mixing proportions, texture, color and smell. Hours were spend on a new cream recipe to get proportion right and balanced according to my vision of it’s desired quality and it is ready to fill little cream jars. She likes to say: ‘Good body cream is such as you can eat’, so we took it as our main concept working on this cream recipe and we are happy about result.

Besides of all these benefits gold is a special element. Gold symbolizes light of the sun and all the benefits it brings to all living things on Earth. It symbolize wealth and health but also power of lion. It gives the conscious of well being; something that you can merit and associate with yourself. Gold represents feelings of something in your life being valuable. Gold is something that’s preciously for you. It manifests any opportunities and possibilities available to you at this time. Gold is about feeling of self-confidence, your own level of power or freedom to do as you please. A guaranteed experience or reward. A sense of security with something you value. Gold also represent good luck, illumination, happiness, and achievement of long life. Human body is very advanced mechanism with super electro conductivity and connectivity to the Universe. Gold gives the human body more electro conductivity and higher vibrational frequency. Helps to connect not only to all gold in quantum level and attract it as you wish but helps to achieve your own goals easier.

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