ELECTRIC FAIRY - The Exposition Universelle of 1900  Golden Age or Belle Époque (Hidden History)

ELECTRIC FAIRY - The Exposition Universelle of 1900 Golden Age or Belle Époque (Hidden History)

If you are in hurry to read then this will not be a short article so sit back and take your time to read or come back later. This article is meant to revise our believes about our past and help understand what's going on right now and will come in our near future as new age of awakening or 4.0 industrial period. Patterns seem to repeat again and big industrialists take a lead and help it all to happen.

View from Trocadero on Field of Mars in Paris, 1900.

There are so much to write about 19th century technologies and processes what’s happened at that time and before, so I will try to be short and just give you ideas and direction where to go look further for yourself and find out much more profound. It’s my pleasure to live in France and be able to read in French, including collecting some items from that time and The Exposition Universelle of 1900, which you will see later in this article.

As I’m a little aficionado collector of antiques and have read uncountable antique books, it is lead me to many things what I’m doing today in different fields and subjects. Most information is found and can be read in French for those who want to read more about our scientific past - Belle Époque, period of Art Nouveau, and before. This time in history is my favorite period and if I could go back and live in the past I would prefer go back in this period of time.

Collection of 2 bronze medals (recto, verso) from Paris Exposition, 1900 from author's collection. 

Firstly I want to start with some general information about The Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris. This exposition or word’s fair was the biggest fair in the world’s history with around 50 millions visitors during seven months from opening on April 12 to November 14, around 65 million tickets were sold. Dates for this event were accurately chosen as we can see.

Silverplated bronze medal of Paris Exposition, 1900 from author's collection.

General meaning of this exposition was to demonstrate main achievements of 19th century in any aspects of our human daily lives and all industries. Everything what you see today and use today is based on discoveries and rediscoveries of 18th and mainly 19th centuries. At the end of first industrial age almost all sciences were flattened out and militarized during following WWI and WWII and then slowly released again as 20th century’s wonders of cosmic age or second and third industrial periods.

Electric train in suspension.

Electric appliances in modern kitchen.

Steam powered ocean liner 'Oceanic'  in Paris.

Electric escalator.

Between WWI and WWII was just short transitional period, which in art is known as Art Deco period. The Exposition Universelle of 1900 was very huge and took place in Paris near by river Seine with newly constructed buildings in so different architectural styles and with magnificent Tower of Eiffel, which was on of entrances to this exposition and was just recently finished. On both sides were exposition buildings on Champ de Mars (Field of Mars), which today are gone and just green area is left there till today.

Plan of Paris Exposition, 1900.

Illusion hall of Paris Exposition.

Electric circus Paris Exposition.

Many countries were participated in this huge exposition, mostly European countries and also other biggest countries around the world. Amongst art, agriculture, chemistry, metallurgy, railways, marine, biology, medicine, photography etc. of course the main subject of this exhibition was the electricity, which gave the main spectacles in whole exposition. It seems everything and everyone was electrified at that time. It was the turning point in our modern time human history and industries as whole. Everyone was trying to find the away how to use the electricity in its field.

Electric therapy

Electric Pen

Electric heater

Electric bath seems as really dangerous experiment.

Microscopic images

Electricity for hot water, tea and coffee.

Siemens electric generator.

 Today we has been conditioned to believe that all discoveries somehow are related with scientific discoveries of 20th century, but you would be very surprised that long before that we had understood and had very good knowledge in all sciences including electricity as basic law of nature in 19th century. So next hundred and more years took us to make things smaller, precise and more sophisticated.

First movie theater

Projection screens.

Panoramic Kodac photo camera.

Video camera 360 degrees.

One of the most eyes caching places was famous Palais de l’Electricité and Château d'Eau (Palace of Electricity and Palace of Water). The Palais de l'Electricité is due to Mr. Hénard and the Château d'Eau was the work of Mr. Paulin, both winners of the first prizes of the great initial competition for the entire exhibition. The building was very beautiful made from iron, copper, zinc and stained glass decorations. On the top of the building was symbol of Electric Fairy - ancient goddess, who is still leading trough our ages as main symbol and still used today if see carefully in our very daily lives. Inside this building were the generators of electricity, which produced thousands of watts for most needs of The Exposition Universelle. 

Electric fairy as symbol of industrial achievements and progress.

Main ark light on roof of electricity palace.

On the top of the Palais de l’Electricité was Electric Fairy and roof decorations were electric wireless transfers to the arc lamps, which gave very impressive brightness to whole Champ de Mars (Field of Mars). Electric Fairy itself was glowing as huge electric fire.

Ancient goddess of Light.

Some will tell you there was free energy or atmospheric electricity, but there is none of evidences of it. You can find lot of speculation about this subject all around the Internet for last years, but atmospheric electricity is very unstable to find practical use of it. The charge can go up and down, it depends of period of the day, and for example, the charge can go also to negative during the storm.

Various electric generators 19th century.

There was no need in that period of time to seek for ‘free energy’’ because it become gradually very cheap and mostly steam power engines was used, which were powered mostly with coal, liquid gasses, first petrol products, gases like methane, acetylene and hydrogen sort of, etc.

Various electric generators 19th century.

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) to thank after all for Alternating Current (AC), which has been used to wire much of the world with electrical power (in his lab 1899). The three-phase electricity generator systems which was mainly used in end of 19th century was invented independently in the 1880s by Galileo Ferraris, Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolski and Nikola Tesla, as part of their research on electric motors. And many other patents by N. Tesla, which gave solutions to other engineer’s inventions.

Three-phase motors.

Nikola Tesla’s idea to give the world electricity for free wasn’t very popular because it would take out of business those who kept hands on wire, gas production and coal mining etc., and indeed to give something for free wasn’t quite popular idea even at that time for industrialists. However Nikola Tesla wasn’t the only genius at that time but he didn’t become very famous because of his extra ordinary ideas what happens quite often with such sort of people till today. But he has the future as he states himself. I shall agree with it!

The electricity produced with water steam was the main technology in 19th century. It was an age of steam power, which we can see symbolically hidden even in mainstream motion pictures still today. We mainly continue to produce electricity with steam-powered generators running on coal, petrol and nuclear plants, unfortunately. In that time differently powered engines were stationed locally, in hospitals, manufactures, different type of railway stations and all other smaller and bigger establishments. Unfortunately with two world wars everything become centralized with promise to supply us with cheap electricity, but it was just diversion to avoid becoming generators smaller and local, what would lead to autonomy for people and countries around the world.

Hall of electric machinery at the exposition.

In front of Palais de l’Electricité was Chateau d’Eau were magnificent fountains with colorful light show. Which today is not so magical anymore, but imagine at that time it was very impressive spectacle for the public. All this show was supplied with electricity, such as electric water pumps and hundred of light bulbs and stained glass.

Huge water pumps run the faontains of the Palace of Water.

Fish tanks was possible to make only because of avaibale technologies for electric pumps and lighting.

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Note: In the expositions and city streets and buildings still were lightening up with gas! Gas was still cheaper and was used already for couple of centuries!

London street light supplied by Siemens.

Electric lights on the avenue of Opera, Paris.

Akron Street in Ohio with electric lights.

Many history researchers acknowledge that electricity and magnetism is nothing new and has been known for centuries since beginning of time. But in different historical periods the electricity been understood and used differently but not like we use it today. The electricity and magnetism in the history been seen with different perceptions like as magic, to fear from it, to heal with it or God like substance and so on. We have some signs of use of electricity and magnetism in ancient world like Egypt, India, China and other even more distant past in ‘’stone age’ period. So the electricity has past trough out ages, but use of it, like for manufacture, transportation and households, is relatively new.

Sea monster train powered with battery, created based on Russian sailors legend at parc of aclimatation in Paris.

Crazy idea of individual troley cars running on the street.

Tram car powered by batteries.

Steam Omnibus. 

Tram electric in Berlin, running with rechargable baterries.

Siemens Electric tram during Electricity Fair in 1881.

Tillage with electric machinery.

Flying ballon with electricity.

Electric baloon.

Flying public ship and individual flying baloons over Paris.

Transatlantic flights is a part of hidden history.

Steam Airplane Maxim invented in second half of 19th century, before Brothers Wrights.

Oceonogrpaphic photography movies.

Benjamin Franklin in 18th century dedicated a lot of time to understand static electricity and, especially atmospheric electricity, tried to find a use of it and its benefits for humans in practical daily needs. Amongst most popular of his invention or just rediscovery was lighting rod that protected homes from the lighting strikes.

It is not only the history of electricity what was hidden or more precise to say kept out from our perception. But that includes all laws of nature or God like sciences – Fibonacci sequence, sacral geometry, supreme mathematics, true nature of the Earth, basically everything what would make our perception about this universe that we are not just simply biological body in controversial bing bang concept as creation of the cosmos, but indeed we are special and unique, we are ourselves creators of this realm but we need to comprehend these knowledge’s in order to assist the creation. All these knowledge been hidden from us and kept by secret societies for centuries to keep their power over people and lead us to evil materialistic destiny. Great cathedrals, ancient buildings and other artworks still hold these secrets because trough the art works they show us this power in front of our eyes, but most of people are too ignorant to learn and understand the history and art. Most of our society just acting like according to script, but really do not think at all anymore by themselves, just keep repeating the same thinking patterns.

Electric jewelery.

Public movie theather.

For example; just like a good photo or painting makes you feel attracted to it because there is a golden ratio, rule of thirds, light proportions and indeed the story is imbedded. Secret laws are revealed in nature and they are everywhere around us, like a software created by hidden hand.

Electric railway.

One of the most influential scientists in history was Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867) the scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis. M. Faraday established the basis for the concept of the electromagnetic field in physics. Faraday also established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena. His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became practical for use in technology. As a chemist, Faraday discovered benzene, investigated the clathrate hydrate of chlorine, invented an early form of the Bunsen burner and the system of oxidation numbers, and popularized terminology such as "anode", "cathode", "electrode" and "ion".

James Clerk Maxwell took the work of Faraday and others and summarized it in a set of equations, which is accepted as the basis of all modern theories of electromagnetic phenomena. James Clerk Maxwell (1831 – 1879) was a scientist in the field of mathematical physics. His most notable achievement was to formulate the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, bringing together for the first time electricity, magnetism, and light as different manifestations of the same phenomenon. Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism have been called the "second great unification in physics". With the publication of "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field" in 1865, Maxwell demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields travel through space as waves moving at the speed of light. Maxwell proposed that light is an undulation in the same medium that is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena. The unification of light and electrical phenomena led his prediction of the existence of radio waves. Maxwell is also regarded as a founder of the modern field of electrical engineering. Maxwell helped develop the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, a statistical means of describing aspects of the kinetic theory of gases. He is also known for presenting the first durable color photograph in 1861 and for his foundational work on analyzing the rigidity of rod-and-joint frameworks (trusses) like those in many bridges. Katherine Mary Clerk Maxwell (1824 – 886), was a physical scientist best known for her observations which supported and contributed to the discoveries of her husband, James Clerk Maxwell. Most notable of these are her involvement with his color vision and viscosity of gases experiments.

Strange aurora lights as prediction of end of the world.

André-Marie Ampère (1775 – 1836) was a physicist and mathematician who was one of the founders of the science of classical electromagnetism, which he referred to as "electrodynamics". He is also the inventor of numerous applications, such as the solenoid (a term coined by him) and the electrical telegraph. An autodidact. The SI unit of measurement of electric current, the ampere, is named after him.

Railway telegraph.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857 – 1894) was the physicist who first conclusively proved the existence of the electromagnetic waves theorized by James Clerk Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light. The unit of frequency, cycle per second, was named the "Hertz" in his honor.

Photophone by Bell.

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (1745 – 1827) was the physicist, chemist, and pioneer of electricity and power who is credited as the re-inventor of the electric battery and the discoverer of methane. He invented the Voltaic pile in 1799. With this invention Volta proved that electricity could be generated chemically and debunked the prevalent theory that electricity is generated solely by living beings. Volta's invention sparked a great amount of scientific excitement and led others to conduct similar experiments, which eventually led to the development of the field of electrochemistry. Alessandro Volta also drew admiration from Napoleon Bonaparte for his invention, and was invited to the Institute of France to demonstrate his invention to the members of the Institute. Volta enjoyed a certain amount of closeness with the Emperor throughout his life and he was conferred numerous honors by him. In the world of conspiracies there is a speculation that Moscow was nuked and burned by Napoleon, but there is no solid evidences that it was nuked with atomic bombs, but relations between Emperor and Volt, could explain very advanced and very distractive military technologies for that time, based on gases and chemicals. It is known that Volt also worked on military arms and technologies.

Electric fish experiment.

Luigi Galvani (1737 – 1798) was the physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher, who discovered animal electricity. He is recognized as the pioneer of bio electromagnetics. In 1780, he discovered that the muscles of dead frogs' legs twitched when struck by an electrical spark, even still recent times this experiment was repeated by students of biology in the universities. This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that still studies the electrical patterns and signals from tissues such as the nerves and muscles.

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1743 – 1794) was a nobleman and chemist who was a central figure of the 18th century’s chemical revolution and who had a large influence on both - the history of chemistry and the history of biology. He is widely considered in popular science literature as the "father of modern chemistry". It is generally accepted that Lavoisier's great accomplishments in chemistry stem largely from his changing the science from a qualitative to a quantitative one. Lavoisier is most noted for his discovery of the role oxygen played in combustion. He recognized and named oxygen (1778) and hydrogen (1783), and opposed the phlogiston theory. Lavoisier helped construct the metric system, wrote the first extensive list of elements, and helped to reform chemical nomenclature. He predicted the existence of silicon (1787) and was also the first to establish that sulfur was an element (1777) rather than a compound. He discovered that, although matter may change its form or shape, but its mass always remains the same.

Production of liquid oxygen.

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834 – 1907) was the great chemist and inventor. He formulated the Periodic Law, created a farsighted version of the periodic table of elements, and used it to correct the properties of some already discovered elements and also to predict the properties of eight elements yet to be discovered. Some scholars still refer to Mendeleev's supposed Mongol, Tatar, Tartarian ancestry. As many other including Maxwell, Tesla and Mendeleev also gave his concept of existence of Ether in chemical concepts.

Original concept of periodic table of elements by D.I.Medeleev, X and Y refers to Ether and noble gases on left.

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Sorry I haven’t included here all of very important scientists, but as I wrote in the beginning, I tried to give you some directions and concept to see on this world from different point of view. Here is also interesting fact which you couldn’t know. There is a list of the 72 names on the Eiffel Tower! Click here to read more about it.

Men and women working in crystal polishing factory.

Women making in caoutchouc tires.

Parisien worker blowing false perle.

Just like today, in the beginning of fourth industrial age, also since beginning of the first industrial age in 19th century initiated first feminism movement, but not really in a sense as we see it today, but early feminism was more focused on work conditions, women rights to vote and expressed their opinions on political issues. 

A reform school was a penal institution, generally for  teenagers mainly operating between 1830 and 1900 in the United Kingdom. 

Fabrication de cheese Camambert.

Family making toys in their room converted in workshop.

Indeed females weren’t only who suffered from industrial time, that included also child exploitation (in the past children were hardly assisting to family work and it was perceived as normal and useful for whole family) and as well male work conditions weren’t better than females but in order to get women’s out of homes and their farmlands and small workshops the industrialists created conditions for all humanity to change their values, roles and traditions.

Woman working in hop field with kid and baby for beer manufactury in Alsace.

I want to touch also another hot topic for today - climate change. Just like today at the end of 19th century scientists and politicians also where wondering about climate change. 

Image source wikipedia.com

As we can see in graphs solar spot activity was reduced a little bit and climate was cooler and wetter. So everyone was worried about it and looked to blame somebody about it. That also predicted that end of the world in near. 

Comet passing the Earth.

Marsien invasion projection on screen.

In the year 1900 a comet was passing over the Earth that created fear of coming end of the world. Did it caused some catastrophes or not it is difficult to confirm but something similar we observe today was happen at that time. But as we can see, we are still alive today, but in different time and new – well known old perception. 

  Dying from drought and heat. 

Terror, bomb in the theather.

Misarable human race dying from cold.

Air pollution in the cities.

Today we are in similar situation as we were before, we hear the same rethoric about pollution, and dying planet. We see more often droughts and storms, floods and earthquakes, terror acts and mass migration. It all change and are already destroyed lives of so many people. It all leads us to believe that we as people as responsible for everything, and  end of the world is coming soon, so we have to act now.  But we don’t know yet how it will keep going and how really will look like the next industrial age and how humans can live in it. What will be taken from and what will be given to us? 

The sea will cover the Earth.

It will be the end.

I think today we still have better options and chances to make our own history, because of much larger scale and speed of communication available among us. Today we have more accessible to waste quantity of information and our sharing options are much faster than ever been in history. We can’t just let it go but we need to be aware and do something to make the word better place for everyone.

A rowdy crowd was rolling. (revolt) 

Read also next blog about dwarfs and history of nano technologies here. 

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