Earth-Generated Primordial Water in Abundance Under The Earth Crust

Earth-Generated Primordial Water in Abundance Under The Earth Crust

Ever since I heard about water shortages and the surrounding fallacies, I’ve been wondering how this was possible. Water can be found almost everywhere, so how can it disappear from the closed system that is the Earth’s water cycle? According to the law of physics, nothing disappears, only transforms itself into a different state. During my research about water, its attractive beneficial properties, and the surrounding secret agenda, including pollution myths, I found more profound knowledge on the subject. Later, I have stepped on an interesting depiction from the ancient Hebrew cosmology that the Earth floating on the worlds waters what later lead me to the truth about the origins of water on the Earth. The water the essential substance to everyone and everything to sustain the planet Earth. Water is essential to agriculture for animals and humans, with it we can overcome poverty, diseases, and the list continues on.


Millions of people are living without water, toilets and hygiene.

Today, 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water; 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. 

About 10,000 people die each day due to diseases caused by lack of clean water and sanitation.


Lack of drinking water in some areas of the Earth and the agenda is pushing through this doctrine. In many areas using very expensive equipment to filter and pump the water through pipelines. Many corporations have privatized and keep privatizing the water sources and ask pay for it. Not only pay for it but building secret agenda by polluting the waters and later take from us and make us pay, to pay even more for it. Today water issues are used as an excuse for the food industry in agriculture and farmlands and to make us feel guilty about pollution. Yes, there are some issues but nothing that big that can't be fixed and instead to make everything more sustainable and cheaper with the technologies what we have today, propaganda in media by corporations make us feel guilty and pay for it more. What makes a red alert to everyone and everything on this planet.


In reality, we live in an abundance and we have enough totally for everything that we need in our lives, including drinking water in unlimited amounts. To grow agriculture and animals or any other life cycles where the water is necessary. But does not mean that we can pollute or be unresponsive to this natural cycle and do our best fit in good resonance with the Earth natural abundance.

Stephan Ernst Riess (1898 - 1985) was a geochemist, mineralogist and geo-hydrologist who was known to family and friends would spend over five decades, locating over 800 water wells, studying the concept of earth-generated water. Also known as "New Water" or "Primary Water", with the Hungarian 'water wizard' Pal Pauer. His mentor, Stephan Riess, spent decades himself in quest of Primary Water, and is an early pioneer in the field, as described in the book, "New Water for a Thirsty World" by Michael Salzman.

Primary Water or I call Primordial Water is Earth-generated water. When conditions are right oxygen combines with hydrogen to make new water. This water is being pushed up under great pressure from deep within the Earth. It finds its way towards the surface of the Earth where there are fissures, faults, during vulcanic activists and some speculation in the lake of Bacal in Russia. Depending on the geology, Primordial Water can be close to the surface, or even flow out as a spring. Primordial Water is new water that has never been a part of the hydrologic cycle until it finally arrives at the surface of the Earth.

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A recent study documented the presence of vast quantities of water locked far beneath the earth’s surface. That study confirmed "that there is a very, very large amount of water that's trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth… approaching the sort of mass of water that's present in all the world's ocean"
Scientific American


In conclusion, we have again another proof that the Earth abundance for everyone on this planet to live long healthy and happy lives.

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