Aetheric Aspects of Our Breath

Aetheric Aspects of Our Breath

Since our breathing is currently in a sight of our intention in this year of 2020, I want to invite you to look at it from a different aspect and look at our breath as vibration and energy. As our breath is connected to our spiritual and ‘physical’ realm. I’ll give you some explanations how it is connected and why it’s important.

Oxygen is associated with air so it means the heavens, emotions, eather and so beyond. Oxygen comes down here and oxidases mostly all of what you find on the Earth and comes into ‘’physicality’’. So we do also come into ‘physicality’ with our first breath. Without a breath we cannot survive, we all know the rule of three minutes without air, only few of us can expand this limits. We also leaving this ‘physicality' with our last breath as sign of dying brain and happens when heart is stopped beating already.

It is important to understand not only what kind of oxygen we breathe but also what kind of oxygen we breathtaking. So it means the oxygen determines what kind of energy we take in. Evidently what comes out of us has the same importance. We exhale CO2 and it also comes with specific vibration.

Carbon is known a communicator and it is connected with every biological living beings. We could go deep in it and try to define what’s organic and what’s not organic carbon, but for me it’s alive. I see everything as alive.  I’m not considering myself as religious being and I had love to see spirituality from scientific point of view. To see it as simply as it is!

Carbon is a chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. It is nonmetallic and tetravalent—making four electrons available to form covalent chemical bonds. That explains why carbon is able to form so large diversity of organic compounds with other elements. To read more Highlights of the Realm of Carbon click here.

Animism (from Latin anima, means "breath, spirit, life") is the belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork and even words—as animated and alive. Animism is studied also in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system of many indigenous peoples, especially as opposition to the relatively more recent development of organized religions. Read more click here. (source wikipedia)

When oxygen comes into your lungs it needs to be in correct shape and vibration and concentration in order to connect with hemoglobin (nitrogen plays also very important role for this in your lungs even it is inert but that’s other story), or with iron cored metalloprotein in the red blood cells. Iron symbolically is associated with Mars. Mars is planet of energy, willpower or wild activity. Mars, the God of War, and we as humanity had speel so many blood in wars to protect our land and our future. Primary the Eather energy of Mars is focus on the existence. Mars brings the energy into living matter and initiates to spirit daring and courage. But iron is not solely associated with Mars it is also the fourth most abundant element in Earth's crust by weight and supposed to have the main element in Earth's core as it is thought to be composed of iron. So our blood is strongly connected to the Earth itself. What’s happens on the Earth happens in you and vice versa, that is eternal interaction.

Our blood contains hemoglobin  with iron core but 55% of blood is composed of plasma. To learn more plasma and all what you need to know about it read here.

Body temperature obviously increases a tiny bit not only from the food what you eat, but from exothermic reaction going on in your body when you processing the food. So your food also turns into vibrating energy. That is a one of the reasons why you can be feel noticeably sleepy sometime after a meal because your body consolidating energy to digest the food. That’s could be another theme I wish to explain next time. But now I want point out where you get most carbon to breath out. Let’s think why it is important what kind of food you eat.

In the human body, carbon dioxide is formed from the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids, in a process known as cellular respiration. While cellular respiration is notable for being a source of ATP, it also generates the byproduct, CO2. The body gets rid of excess CO2 by breathing it out. It regulates the pH value of blood, stimulates breathing, and influences the affinity hemoglobin has for an oxygen.

But let’s go back to breathing and vibration. Those who do sport, meditation or yoga, or whatever activity associated with breathing knows that breathing is very important as it regulates and influences many things. But it is important not only for metabolism in your body but also what and how it comes out from your body, especially mouth. While chant, sing, speak and blowing out the Air what is composed with CO2 is coming with certain frequency and strength. So oxygen, the eather now is connected with carbon, which is a life.

CO2 as gas is gas of life. Plants absorb CO2 and they make 99,7% of biomass on the Earth. So plants also breath and they breath CO2, it is crucial for their grows and productivity. Think about it, plants exhale oxygen in return. It is closed life cycle where everything has to be in natural balance.

To understand breath from its psychological aspects we look how Air coming out from your mouth is connected to your emotions (e-motions – electric motion). If you blow the breath downward there are negative thoughts, upwards are positive thoughts, leftwards are logical hidden thoughts, rightwards are emotional hidden thoughts and direct are with intention hate, sometimes romantic as hate as hidden love. To notice these moments can be easier for those who are smokers, however smoking itself is a negative aspect towards life, unconscious self-suicide. A person who speaks a lot of hate or other negative thoughts has a bad breath.

Today very actual during the pandemic when people are forced to wear masks, which symbolic means is to suppress people’s emotional expressions. It literary means from its symbolic reading ‘Shut up your mouth‘, stay calm and practice self-distancing. I even do not want to think about the bad environment what accumulates and starts developing in their masks if they are kept too long on mouths. Subconsciously people are wearing them because of fear for what ever any reasons they believe it could help. I’m not talking here about standard medical practice for personal who are doing it with other intentions and for high hygiene standards when do certain medicinal manipulations in hospitals.

The Earth also has some type of breathing and one we know is it winds coming from different directions with different effects on environment. We all are not only connected to each other but also the Earth itself and Eather is medium what connects us.

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I hope as you read this you got better comprehension about the Air or Eather around us about and will take conscious action, will be more responsible, and aware of your and the Earths blowing winds over you.

Thank you for reading.

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