A short Overview of Graphene Coating

A short Overview of Graphene Coating

After of couple years of research on graphite and graphene. I was focused on finding a proper way to nanocoat different surfaces with graphene nanocoating at the artisanal lab by using fewer chemicals possible and mixing graphene oxide in water with other additives on a surface of various materials. It appears more difficult as expected in the beginning.
First was to find an away to make a graphite oxide in water solution easiest way possible with best characteristics. Some time ago I found an away which was quite a good results but took the time find out an even cleaner way. Which I did just recently so as follow I get back with testings on graphene nanocoatings.
Please read more about graphite and graphene here.

Many tests been done and one of interesting test is graphite diamagnetic properties.
See the video please.

As the first test was on the lab glass surface was the most challenging for me as we know water does not flatten on glass evenly but with the droplets, included graphene does not stick to the glass surface by itself and it can be easily cleaned off!
After various methods was tested, finally, the results were achieved but needs to develop it for more improvement.

Once the glass is nanocoated with graphene oxide the oxygen needs to be removed from the nanocoated surface by leaving the only graphene as the electron conductor.
It can be achieved with CO2 laser by hitting the surface with a beam the oxygen is removed.
The most well-known method is by laser scribe which is a very good way to make ultra-small capacitors.

During my research I found out that NASA have been testing graphite on aluminium surface decades ago. As expected aluminum reaction with graphene has corrosive effects and aluminium decays.

Anyway interesting test and maybe this reaction could be used differently!

Indeed the goal was to get graphene on the surface of the copper as well known promising metal in electromagnetism and various fields.

Twisted double helix bare cleaned copper wire with HCl and distilled water.

Resistance or electro conductivity test with Ohms.
Very good electro conductivity on bare cleaned copper.

Measurment of inductance. No big deal! Just around 1.1μH

Astonishing the device shows 0 Ohms and almost 4 times more inductance. Something changed there. I couldn't wish better results for the first time.
This nanocoating took all day long to make it done. Quite time-consuming for such s small coil. But I have something to start and improve it.

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