How Active Life of Plasma Soap looks like?   

How Active Life of Plasma Soap looks like?   

Well, here is also a vivid example of what we mean by the concept of 'plasma soap. In science, both atoms and molecules that have free electrons, in other words understand plasma, plasma can be viewed only taking into account the presence of charged particles. In medicine, plasma is understood as a blood-yellow, semitransparent liquid consisting of inorganic and organic substances, which are the basic elements for the formation of all the necessary substances of the organism. But what is Plasma Soap?

The basic recipe for this soap is no different from my other soap recipes, but in this soap recipe the water is just replaced with Cranberry and Colloidal Gold water and a pinch of vitamins and natural silica. Remind, that the red color of cranberry or gold in the soap is not achievable using only natural dyes, nor was it the purpose of this soap.              

The aim was to observe the plasma movement during the formation of soap crystals. To make this process visually observable, a small amount of soap chips containing already containing copper and zinc salts was added. Soap formula gives not only helps to get a harder piece of soap that will last longer, but also participates in the formation of organic salts, which have antioxidant properties. Silica is not only necessary for healthy nails, hair and skin, but also participates in the formation of certain soap crystals, and this crystal lattice has the properties of an absorbent sponge.  In chemistry term migration refers specifically to the movement of ions due to an externally-applied electrostatic field, but  we can observe the same migration using internal natural electromagnetic forces in fresh soap formation as medium.

For the first 4 weeks, which is the time for the formation of standard soap crystals, nothing special was observed and it already seemed that this experiment would have to be reconsidered, but over the months the soap began to change and slowly started to transforming into two distinct layers. 

Gradually, a gradual change of color was observed, which lasted for several weeks until a stable condition was reached. In total, the transformation of this soap was completed within 9 months. That’s really long. Yes, for a very long time, but it was worth the wait and even in the most common olive oil soaps this period can be 9-12 months.

This only proves that the soap crystal formation process is much slower than the standard minimum drying time of 4-6 weeks, and does not depend solely on the choice of oils used. This experiment once again reminds us why soaps get better the longer they mature.

Soap, like good cheese, which is tastier after 24 months of maturation, acquires a new 'taste'.  Soap masters are familiar with the term of flowing pigment, which works on a similar principle and is observed as the blurring of pronounced lines outside the original place. But here we are trying to achieve the same effect with intention.

Silica crystals have the property of concentrating both copper and iron (or zinc) ions on their surface, which also explains why such two layers are formed. In the beige part, the silica crystals have absorbed the active elements of the colloidal gold cranberry inside the crystals and the color is no longer visible to the eye, but in the part containing copper and zinc soap chips, the ions concentrated on the crystal surface as a stable state of colloidal copper.

The soap is rich in silk soft lather, it is free of fragrances and dyes and not only cleanses the skin, but also supplies the body with usable trace elements that can be absorbed through the skin. 

Here is some other samples of visually observed plasma movement in soap samples.  

In this sample also copper containing soap shreds was used in fresh made soap, and we observed the same effect even without adding silica. Copper slowly over the time, what took more than 9  months migrated from copper soap shreds to surface of the soap. This soap sample contains different additive, so copper ions could not only migrate, but also could oxidize. As you see copper as additive does not color of soap lather, it is still snow white:)

Over past few years I had ben tested bunch of different copper soap recipes, changing ingredients and observing their migration trough the soap as quite high pH medium.

In soap we can observe very rare form of copper compound in bright orange color known as copper peroxide, Cu2O3

Over the experience of these tests, I am sure that there is no need for overloaded concentration of copper ions in the soap to reach the best proportions to be effective to treat some nasty fungal infections. Traditional approach ''Small goes long way'' is true also for plasma soap.

Some copper additives can turn your soap dark green with time while going trough curing

My personal opinion is that copper soap should be close to natural light brown caramel by color, any naturally acidic additives like hibiscus, cranberries, and other natural additives could help to stabilize the colloidal copper ions, which is active skin care ingredient and has many benefits also in formation of collagen, skin pigment-melanin and is part of hundreds of other essential biochemical reactions. But it is important also do not use copper soap if you do not need to help your immunity to fight specific fungus or bacteria. Always consult your physician before use them on your skin. I personally had use copper soap in so many version for my skin and did not have any issues with them.

Obviously there is future tests necessary, but so far we are happy about results we are achieved with our plasma soap collection ''Riviera Pebble'' using also other essential minerals and plants extracts.

Find this collection here more and read more about Riviera Pebble Soap Concept and if you still did not get it read more here.

Plasma soap is more than just chemistry, each shape of Plasma riviera pebbles soap bar mold is made based on sacred geometry and numerology, divine proportions. You can feel it when put it in your hands. When water in nature run over the sharp rock for time long enough it makes them smooth and slippery just like Riviera Pebbles a bar of soap. 

You still can check out also our traditional shape soap bars for best prices available or order even in bulk.

-Lita-                                                                                                                                                             Soap mentor, chemist, biologist and Liquid Plasma Crystals formulator

In development for several years we have gain experience in new green technology and like nothing stops in the universe we haven't either.

So we are started to make soap and other natural skincare products using plant plasma extracts and mineral  crystal particles (MCP) at their colloidal state and have blessed with new discoveries in our work that is crystalized in plasma power skin care products. 

We use slow process extraction methods than does not make whole process very cost-effective, but result is more concentrated extract from plants and its valuable elements. We use plasmatic environment in soap curing time, which could take from few weeks to even 3 years to form desirable soap crystals depending from method and ingredients used in the saponification process.We believe soap should feel happy to deliver its best properties to our customers, including the most valuable to keep material spirit preservation in liquid plasmatic form with certain fields and frequencies. We are happy to share with you this progress and grateful for every single support from you to our scientific research.Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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