Riviera Pebble Soap - Principle of Twelve - Luxury soap from France

Riviera Pebble Soap - Principle of Twelve - Luxury soap from France

Principle of twelve includes main 12 ingredients used in Riviera Pebbles soap. They are divided in 4 main groups - Abundance, Well-being, Life force and Crystalline Essentials Extras.


























Principle of Twelve is main concept behind Riviera Pebbles soap. It includes main essential metals in mineral form or organic transformed substances that has life supporting properties in our body. 

First group is Abundance with 3 PRECIOUS elements - GOLD, SILVER and COPPER. All these three comes from one group in periodic table of elements and are used for cutlery utensils, plates, cups, jewellery, coins, water or food container for disinfection and as well as human infections in human history. All these three elements are put in one group to form sacred trinity for abundance - Father, Mother and Love.

GOLD has highest frequency, frequency of life, the cosmic father, man's energy, its heavenly body is Sun, it leads to development and growth by giving pleasure to all living things with spiritual enlightenment. Gold nourishes our spiritual or etheric body. Gold is known for its enhancement as monatomic element for the human body and DNA to transcend the spirit into a higher state of evolution. It is action taker, and in body it finds darkest corners to shine warm warm light on them, gold rules the daytime.

SILVER has passive female energy, it is supportive and  caring, it is like cosmic mother, that help to deal with our inner fear, overcome our negative energies. Silver is slow in motion and it goes with the moon cycle. It's  energy is strongest during the new and full moon. Moon energy is reflecting mirror cool energy, just like a water and it brings balance and calm in soul. Silver is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Silver as moon metal is ruler of night, dreams, psychic energy. Act as mild antibacterial agent in skin care and as water disinfectant.

COPPER is love and beauty, connected to planet Venus and Goddess AphroditeJust like gold, the copper is unique as it has hue, it is reddish by color with high conductivity. Copper brings healing and protection in body with its strong antibacterial properties. Its property to enhance elastin and melanin production in the skin is use to maintain skin healthy and good looking both in color and structure. Copper ensure free and fast neurological pathways in our brain.

Electrum - natural alloy of gold and silver, known as white gold, sometimes refers also to amber or shining light. Electrum could contain also trace of copper or other metals. High performance of electrostatic energy or natural electric forces. 

Second group is Well-being  and contain main essential elements ZINC, IRON, MAGNESIUM for human body we use in our products. These three elements are involved in biochemical reactions to keep our body in wellness state. Zinc improves mind capacity keep thoughts clear and are related of mental health. Iron rich blood running through the body maintain a constant supply of oxygen in your cells and gives muscular strengths. Magnesium is calming element at the same time it is necessary for healthy heart and to calm the nervous  system, builds our bones and brings its spark of live for your spirit expression. Thee three form trinity for physicality . 

Zinc is element for our connection with heaven, sky, beneficial for all organs above the solar plexus and are directed to higher self and wisdom. Zinc is element of Neptune, planet of evasiveness, fantasy and spiritualism, powerful insight and wisdom that can also extend to clairvoyance and psychic intuitions. It is considered the modern ruler of Pisces.  Neptune is the planet of mysticism and spiritual awakening. Its influence brings our attention to higher ideals and stimulates our capacity to dream and imagine possibilities. Neptune provides self healing through escapism and faith in things unseen and only intuitively felt. Zinc is very important for body to make perfect DNA transcript and build up strong immune reaction as zinc is stored in histamine, but is also has balancing role for copper that help build antihistamine. Zinc is used as  preferred treatment element for wound healing and a variety of skin conditions, including skin cancer. Though it is no longer used for treating skin cancer, it 's antiseptic property is widely used to treat a variety of other skin conditions, even in products for fine skin of babies in  powder and creams against diaper rashes, calamine cream, and is used in anti-dandruff shampoos, and antiseptic ointments. 

Iron is element of self- confidence, accomplishments success. Connected to heavenly body Mars it is responsible for  healthy skin color, carries oxygen in to cells and tissues, especially muscles. Mars controls the bladder and kidney functioning, red blood cells and so on. Mars is called the planet of projection, aggression, force, drive, and courage. It is your inner warrior, driving force of physicality. Iron is needed for a number of highly complex processes that continuously take place on a molecular level and that are indispensable to human life: the transportation of oxygen around your body and it is required for the production of red blood cells, but it's also part of hemoglobin binding to the oxygen and thus facilitating its transport from the lungs via the arteries to all cells throughout the body. We use iron energy in products to improve healthy blood flow.

Magnesium is element of the Heart and Bones, in energetic level it is related with bravery and strengths, flow that maintain connection between brain and body keeps healthy heartbeat. Magnesium is connected to Mars and has expression of our bravery, motivation and strengths in smooth life path. Magnesium may improve bone health both directly and indirectly, as it helps to regulate calcium and vitamin D levels, which are two other nutrients vital for bone health, could help overcome sensitivity to noise, and continual state of depression. It is used for glycemic control in people with diabetes and improve efficiency of neurotransmitters and restricts blood vessel constriction. Also the sodium-potassium pump, an enzyme that generates electrical impulses, requires magnesium for proper function. Magnesium helps your heart muscle cells relax by countering calcium, which stimulates contractions.

Third group is LIFE FORCE essentials as AMBER, ORMUS, CORAL. All these three essentials comes from natural substances formed in alchemical processes within the Sea water influenced by natural electrical forces and time. They are keepers the Earth memory. This group as supplementing two previously described groups each essential could be  used as complimentary for enhancing certain properties or balancing them using opposite acting forces.  

Amber is formed from pine resin in sea water and sometimes also called Gold of the Sea, Sun drops, solidified Sunlight, tears of the Gods and hardened Honey. Amber is formed by light and life what is preserved by time and washed upon the shores for human use, it is used a talisman of beauty, protection and renewal it is ruled by planet Venus.  Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy. Amber holds a strong connection to the Sun and Earth,  as well as the once living insects, organisms and plant matter that are forever suspended within its golden structure. It is powerful tool for past life recall, or for stimulating the remembrance of genetic lessons and helps clearing family patterns

Ormus salt is known as substance of Primordial Ocean, it brings initiation of purification. Something called the Philosopher's Stone, or the Elixir of Life. It is extracted from seawater and contain abundance of micro-elements to sustain life not only in Sea bed but also on Earth. We refer it to planets  Neptune as ruler of sea waters and Mars as it contain high concentration of Magnesium. Ormus may enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell.

Coral underwater is frequently visited by the mermaid. The life of this unique living form is very sensitive to sunlight that reaches it trough crystal clear ocean waters. Coral is more complex from all essential in this group, it goes trough several alchemical processes in its lifetime. It has photosynthesis, respiration just like a plants and also calcification that is bone like structure formed as result of its transformation. Coral is organically crystalized form of calcium carbonate in sea water. Coral is symbiotic by nature and it energy we see as cooperative and empathic with huge potential to open creativity, artistic expressions, imagination and open a dream world. Artistic expression of life in coral reef bring this energy laying deep in our subconscious in the lives of each and everyone of us.

Fourth group is Crystaline with 3 information storing and transmitting structures. Each of them are quite different, but all are used to transfer certain energy or information to our body and surrounding. Crystalline essentials interact with our emotions, clear blockages and help to overcome crisis, it means they balances element Air in our bodies. It is all depend at which crystalline facet you are looking at or projecting from. If you can't solve the situation by yourself you should change your point of view, connect with like minded people and put yourself in new pair of shoes.

Graphene is high state of carbon structures and act as important communicator, connector between carbon based organisms. This is one of rare ingredient we are proud to work with in our research. We see graphene as flexible, adaptive, efficient that connects us all with invisible but everywhere present network. This it one of most investigated material in modern science and it could bring us more innovations in near future. Connection is relationships and relationship is communication. Even tiniest organic molecule contain Carbon atoms all depend from their location in energy field how it will express itself. All our senses are based on tiny Carbon based molecules and their vibration frequencies. Graphene can be flexible material to mimic nature at its glory and make sustainable and nature friendly products. Graphene is connector to all heavenly bodies, that receive, emit and transmit signals from them.

Silica is structural crystalline element in the realm of minerals binding elements  together in wide range of gemstones. We work with organic silica in our research that is more adapted to make connection with living bodies and are much more lighter, softer with higher bioavailable for human use. Silica is slow in a motion it needs more time to clean up our emotional clutters and release our caged bird in new journey. It helps to hold the structure, certainty in every move it makes. It is just like kaleidoscope you turn the one little thing and all structure will move with it to bring up a new patterns different colors or different frequencies. People with strong influence of air in their lives need this emotion releasing slowly changing transformative element to find the balance and determination

Shunghite as unusual, silver to black color “rock” from Karelia is composed mostly of Carbon or Key to Life and it gives Martial Waters its healing properties it is considered as mysterious mineral on Earth because of its amazing physical, chemical, metaphysical and therapeutic properties. It is rock of  protection and healing in physical world and help to overcome periods of crisis to rebirth trough inner transformationShungite has one of most delicate skin care ingredients that contain carbon in unique state that is not comparable with others. This rock has high vibrational level, that it could be use also as stand alone ingredient in various skin care products. Shungite bring us confidence and strong support from depths of the Earth itself and all carbon based organisms and helps us to accept and deal with complex blockages.

All our products are finished with joyful and life supportive solfeggio frequencies completely for free, programmed with scalar waves and also could be personalised with certain frequencies on request based on research by Dr. Royal Rife.

We are in long and excited journey exploring treasures of nature, it energetic network and synergy between elements of Earth itself available all around us waiting to explore and reconnect of our true nature as human beings living in already perfect designed environment.

Read more about Riviera Pebble Soap Concept here

-Lita-                                                                                                                                                             Soap mentor, chemist, biologist and Liquid Plasma Crystals formulator

In development for several years we have gain experience in new green technology and like nothing stops in the universe we haven't either.

So we are started to make soap and other natural skincare products using plant plasma extracts and mineral  crystal particles (MCP) at their colloidal state and have blessed with new discoveries in our work that is crystalized in plasma power skin care products. 

We use slow process extraction methods than does not make whole process very cost-effective, but result is more concentrated extract from plants and its valuable elements. We use plasmatic environment in soap curing time, which could take from few weeks to even 3 years to form desirable soap crystals depending from method and ingredients used in the saponification process.We believe soap should feel happy to deliver its best properties to our customers, including the most valuable to keep material spirit preservation in liquid plasmatic form with certain fields and frequencies. We are happy to share with you this progress and grateful for every single support from you to our scientific research.Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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