Could you find the diamonds in a soap?

Could you find the diamonds in a soap?

Our main concept by choosing to use  diamonds in Riviera Pebbles soap was because of their magnetic attraction for wealth to people and especially women. French Riviera was known as undiscovered playground for European wealthy people in XIXth century and since than it has created so many cliches in our believes and imagination about this region. Girls in airy long summer dresses with large hats is one of the,  romantic rocky beaches, flowers, perfumes, wine, yachts. Yes, and, of course, diamonds, why not, they are known as best girl's friends.

But do we have some more spiritual meaning in it? What is so special about diamonds and why women in any age love to wear them?

According to Vedic predictive astrology, diamond is one of the most powerful and effective germstone. There is no limitation for wearing it and  use to fulfill your dreams in life, especially for those who are living in very creative field. The Diamonds helps improve personality; hence, it brings right connections in career, business and profession. The use of Diamonds can make your marital life more happy and peaceful. Diamonds can help to find your second part of apple as partner in life. Diamonds has very powerful frequencies, their impact fields around people are so strong that even only wearing it close to body can get rid of the diseases like diabetes, venereal diseases, urinary problem and all other private diseases. You can find more about it from  in his blog here.

Diamonds are connected to planet Venus and graphene as tiny sheet hold together with natural forces just like Indra:  primordial and formless energy field that includes all possibilities to everyone and everything become possible in physical realm we as know it. Graphene represents the promise for XXIth century, promise of change and transformation even at French Riviera where old life style of last midcentury starting to loose its influence and gives space to more actual neutral color scale. From deep shiny black and all kind of pale grey shades are used more and more in modern interiors and  it takes over traditional provence style.

It could sound really ridiculous, diamonds in the soap, until you try them yourself:) Bathing with diamond soap change whole perception how you look at this simple body relaxing routine in your life. Let it sit on your body for some time before wash it away, this simple method with gentle touch gives so much for your finest fields.

There is only 2 of our exclusive sets with diamonds in the  soap. They are as grey as stone pebbles in riviera beaches and the place where all romantic talks and moments about diamonds are heard and lived in French Riviera. 

Thank you for your help that keeps us moving on in this Earthy journey!

-Lita-                                                                                                                                                             Soap mentor, chemist, biologist and Liquid Plasma Crystals formulator

In development for several years we have gain experience in new green technology and like nothing stops in the universe we haven't either.

So we are started to make soap and other natural skincare products using plant plasma extracts and mineral  crystal particles (MCP) at their colloidal state and have blessed with new discoveries in our work that is crystalized in plasma power skin care products. 

We use slow process extraction methods than does not make whole process very cost-effective, but result is more concentrated extract from plants and its valuable elements. We use plasmatic environment in soap curing time, which could take from few weeks to even 3 years to form desirable soap crystals depending from method and ingredients used in the saponification process.We believe soap should feel happy to deliver its best properties to our customers, including the most valuable to keep material spirit preservation in liquid plasmatic form with certain fields and frequencies. We are happy to share with you this progress and grateful for every single support from you to our scientific research.Your purchases are donations and research contribution for to ''Liquid Plasma Crystals'' research and experiments in natural supplement extraction methods and new approach of use of nature-based plasma energies in the modern world of nanotechnologies. Our aim is to develop technologies as greenest possible, fewer chemicals and with little energy in use to find best solutions for the future humanity of our dear planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your confidence and support.
We are sharing our knowledge experience and experiments in our blog posts and Facebook page, we also invite you to join our private artisanal scientific research public group to participate in discussions and share your own experiments.

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